Statistical physics, optics and cells

통계 물리학, 광학 및 세포

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통계 물리학, 광학 및 세포

Our laboratory investigates a few fundamental problems at the cross-roads of optics, soft-matter physics and cell biology, through experiments and theory. Over the years, we used a range of concepts and tools from molecular genetics, statistical physics, imaging, optics or epistemology. In cell biology, we raise the issue of intrinsic vs. emergent properties of cells, and we proposed an operational definition of this problem. We now wish to experimentally resolve intrinsic from emergent properties, using randomly activated genetic switches. Our fascination for light and its multiple interactions with living and non-living objects drives our research on imaging and applied optics, luminescence, light scattering and statistical optics. Following our recent discovery of random-light interferometry, we now explore this new field of statistical optics using theory and experiments, with applications to biology, soft-matter dynamics, dielectric spectroscopy, and optical sensor technologies. Cavity-amplified light scattering is one of the promising applications.

Major research field

cell biology and sociology, soft-matter and biological physics, statistical optics and interferometry

Desired field of research

Physics, Biology and teaching science better

Research Keywords and Topics

Biology and physical biology: Cell mechanics, cytoskeleton, cell adhesion, optical control of gene expression, sociology of the epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition.

Physics and biological physics: nonlinear optical imaging; thermal optics, nanoscale heat transfer and water metastability; ultraweak luminescence and the oxidative stress; diffusive wave spectroscopy and cavity-amplified light scattering, dynamics of protein activity.

Statistical optics: volume optical interferometry experiments theory; statistical theory of high symmetry light, stochastic dielectric spectroscopy, statistics of the dielectric tensor.

Research Publications

ACS Nano 2022/ Cavity-Amplified Scattering Spectroscopy Reveals the Dynamics of Proteins and Nanoparticles in Quasi-transparent and Miniature Samples. Graciani G, King JT, and F Amblard. 16:16796-16805.
Communication Physics 2022/ 3D stochastic interferometer detects picometer deformations and minute dielectric fluctuations of optical volume. Graciani G, Filoche M and F Amblard. 5:239.
Scientific reports 2021/ Stochastic light concentration from 3D to 2D reveals ultraweak chemi- and bioluminescence. Khaoua I, Graciani G and F Amblard. 11:10050.
Nat communications 2019/ Super-resolution provided by the arbitrarily strong superlinearity of the blackbody radiation. Graciani G and F Amblard. 10:5761.
PNAS 2018/ How to better focus waves by considering symmetry and information loss. Lou K, Granick S and F Amblard. 115:6554.
Optics lett 2018/ Deep line-temporal focusing using intracavity control and incoherent pulse-shaping. Lou K, Wang B, Granick S and F Amblard. 43:4919.


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