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기능유전체 실험실

We studies the function of human genes involved in diseases, based on their deep homology in multiple organisms. By utilizing large-scale functional genomic data in multiple organisms, we computationally infer the role of uncharacterized genes (or novel function of already characterized genes) in phenotype that we are interested in. By integrating engineering perspectives, we also develop novel experimental platform to validate our predictions in model organisms.


Functional genomics, Proteomics, Xenopus, Microbiome, Host-microbe interaction, Imaging-Omics


Birth defect, COPD, Proteomics, Disease Modeling

Research Keywords and Topics

- Host-microbe interaction: nasal microbiome, blood microbiome, imaging-based pathogen detection, probe design
- Mucociliary epithelium: multiciliated cells, proteomics, single-cell transcriptome, differentiation, goblet cell, mucus secretion, ionocytes, serotonine
- High-throughput screening: deep learning, image processing
- Imaging-Omics: Substantia nigra, dopamin, neuromelanin, MRI
- Cancer organoid: proteomics, multi-omics, DNA damage, gene therapy, CRISPR, drug resistance

Research Publications

Small Methods, Quantitative fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) of magnetically confined bacteria enables early detection of human bacteremia, Lee MS#, Hyun H#, Park I#, Kim S#, ..., Kim H*, Lee JH*, Kwon T*, Kang JH* (2022)
J Proteome Res., Simple Method To Characterize the Ciliary Proteome of Multiciliated Cells, Sim HJ#, Yun S#, ..., Park TJ*, Kwon T* (2020)
Nature, Genome evolution in the allotetraploid frog Xenopus laevis, Session AM#, Uno Y#, Kwon T#, et al., (2016)


- 다중 프로브 혼성화를 이용한 미생물 검출 방법, 강주헌, 권태준, 김하진 (2020년 2월 등록, 10-2084688)
- 유전자가 변이된 세포의 사멸 유도 조성물 및 상기 조성물을 이용한 유전자가 변형된 세포 사멸 유도 방법, 명경재, 권태준, 백인준, 라재선, 서유리, 윤성민, (2020년 7월 등록, 10-2131869)


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