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Interactive Product Design Lab combines product design and physical computing knowledge/technology to research in the field of human-computer interaction (HCI). In particular, we focus on designing and developing a tangible Internet of Things (IoT) interface expressing personal data and providing physical interaction with users. Specifically, we publish HCI+design related papers by intensive research on techniques for expressing dematerialized information such as personal lifelog data (e.g., schedule, reading volume, and music listening records) through the form of physical objects. In the past ten years, we published a total of 9 papers at ACM CHI, the highest authority in the HCI field, and 8 papers at ACM DIS. At CHI'17, DIS'19, we were awarded the Honorable Mention Award regarding physicalizing personal schedule & music data and expressing it as the Internet of Things objects. Each of them was the result of an interactive case development + field study research. Also, not only for research prototypes, but also for several prototype exhibitions at the CHI, DIS, and Ubicomp conferences by enhancing the technical and design appearance to the level of prototypes. Our works were recognized in terms of design and won six-best world-class design awards such as iF, Reddot, IDEA and G Mark through competition with several companies. These prototypes' design and interactive technologies include 38 patents (24 registrations) and 33 design rights, which are the basis for conducting new related research. The director and our lab are making research and practical achievements by converging lifelog data, IoT, product design, and HCI. We believe the above trials and performances will be the foundation for achieving a new research vision that combines design and technology knowledge and skills.

Major research field

Interactive objects, HCI, Tangible Interaction, Lifelog data, Ephemeral UI, Remote Communication

Desired field of research

Physical interaction with personal data, Future Tangible UI/UX

Research Keywords and Topics

Research Keywords
Tangible interaction, Everyday interactive objects, Self-reflection, Ephemeral user interface, Data Physicalization/Materialization

Research Topics
- Exploring Aesthetic Qualities through Data Materialization
- Designing Everyday Interactive Objects for Personal Data Acquisition
- Tangible Daily Artifacts for Physical Accumulation/Representation of Personal Activity
- Ephemeral User Interfaces for Interacting with Digital Data

Research Publications

∙ CHI 2021 Paper
Lee, K-R., Kim, B., Kim, J., Hong, H., Park, Y-W., ADIO: An Interactive Artifact Physically Representing the Intangible Digital Audiobook Listening Experience in Everyday Living Spaces. In Proceedings of SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI) 2021, ACM
∙ CHI 2019 Paper
Ju, S., Lee, K-R., Kim, S., Park, Y-W. Bookly: An Interactive Everyday Artifact Showing the Time of Physically Accumulated Reading Activity, In Proceedings of SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI) 2019, ACM
∙ CHI 2017 Paper
Lee, K-R., Goh, G., Park, Y-W. Quietto: An Interactive Timepiece Molded in Concrete and Milled Wood, In Proceedings of SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI) 2017, ACM, 2988-2922, Honorable Mention Award (Top 5%)


∙ 총 42 patents & 35 design rights (등록 특허: 23건, 등록 디자인권: 30건)
∙ 독서 시간을 기록하는 장치, 주소미, 박영우 외 3명, 2020년 02월 12일 등록 (10-2078827)
∙ 조명 기구 및 조명 기구 제어 방법, 노보람, 박영우 외 2명, 2019년 6월 25일 등록 (10-1994991)


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