National R&D Project

National R&D Project
No. Status Ministry Announcement Manager Deadline Attachment
2384 Complete 미래창조과학부[MSIP] 2014 Nanofab facilities application supporting project call / 2014년도 나노팹시설활용지원사업 공고 황지현[Ji-Hyun Hwang] 2014.07.10
2383 Complete 미래창조과학부[MSIP] 2014 Korea-India joint workshop managing institute call / 「2014년 한-인도 공동 워크숍」 한국측 주관.. 황지현[Ji-Hyun Hwang] 2014.07.16
2382 Complete 미래창조과학부[MSIP] 2014 High price research equipment building project call / 2014년도 고가연구장비 구축사업 신규과제 .. 황지현[Ji-Hyun Hwang] 2014.07.30
2381 Complete 미래창조과학부[MSIP] 2014 Body copy type mechatronics fusion research development project call / 2014년도 생체모사형 메카트로닉.. 황지현[Ji-Hyun Hwang] 2014.07.14
2380 Complete 미래창조과학부[MSIP] 2014 NRF Joint Research Program / 2014년도 연구교류지원사업(일반) 신규과제 공모 황지현[Ji-Hyun Hwang] 2014.07.14
2379 Complete 국방과학연구소[ADD] 2014 u-experiment research project call[Agency for Defence Development] / 2014년도 u-실험사업 대상과제 추.. 황지현[Ji-Hyun Hwang] 2014.07.30
2378 Complete NRF NRF Joint Research Program/2014년도 연구교류지원사업(양자) 신규과제 공모 2014.07.17
2377 Complete KOSAF Policy Research Service Announcements/정책연구용역 참여 안내 2014.06.26
2376 Complete Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy 2015 Industrial technology medium-and long-term R&D business integration technology demand investigation call / 산.. 손수연[Son Soo Youn] 2014.07.24
2375 Complete Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy 2014 global professional technology development project (LIfe industry advancement project) a new support plan announcem.. 손수연 [Son Soo Youn] 2014.07.10