Announcement of New R&D Project

Announcement of New R&D Project
No. Status Ministry Announcement Manager Deadline Attachment
3797 Ongoing 행정안전부(MOIS) Selection of educational institutions for disaster management (corporate disaster management) specialist training projec.. 박용인 2022.07.05
3796 Ongoing 국방부(NMD) Call for consignment research institutes for Future Challenge Defense Development(BCI-based Targeted Technology Competit.. 엄효정 2022.07.04
3795 Ongoing [MSIT]과학기술정보통신부 [Announcement for New Basic Research Project for the Second half of 2022] 2022년도 과학기술정보통신부 기초.. 반한별 2022.06.27
3794 Ongoing 교육부 [2022 Announcement of Fostering the Next Generation of Researchers projects in Science and Engineering by Ministry of Ed.. 허윤정 2022.06.03
3793 Ongoing New Call for HYUNDAI MOBIS A.I. Research Project 현대모비스 인공지능 산학 과제 공모 안내 엄효정 2022.04.22
3792 Ongoing [MSIT] 과학기술정보통신부 [Application Guidelines for HFSP Postdoctoral Fellowships 2023] 2023년 HFSP 연구자 연수지원 신규 공모 안내 권익만 2022.05.19
3791 Ongoing - 2022 New call for The Korea Teacher’ Pension Research Proposal 2022년도 사학연금 연구 외부연구지원 .. 엄효정 2022.03.31
3790 Ongoing [MSIT]과학기술정보통신부 [Announcement of New Call for 2022 General Grants Project] 2022년도 과학기술정보통신부 기본연구 신규과.. 반한별 2022.03.07
3789 Ongoing [MSIT] 과학기술정보통신부 [Application Guidelines for HFSP Research Grants Award Year 2023] 2023년도 HFSP 연구그랜트(Research Grant) 신청.. 권익만 2022.03.31
3788 Ongoing MOTIE (MOTIE) Announcement of New Call for Material Parts Technology Development Program 2022년도 소재부품기술개발.. 이승호 2022.03.07