Announcement of New R&D Project

Announcement of New R&D Project
No. Status Ministry Announcement Manager Deadline Attachment
2503 Complete 미래창조과학부[MISP] 2014 Korea-US(NEH) the field of humanities researcher exchange project call / 한-미(NEH) 인문분야 연구자 교류.. 황지현[Ji-Hyun Hwang] 2014.12.17
2502 Complete 미래창조과학부[MISP] 2014 Innovation red biotechnology convergence detaild project(new) promotion plan announcement / 글로벌프론티사.. 황지현[Ji-Hyun Hwang] 2014.12.18
2501 Complete 미래창조과학부[MISP] 2015 Korea-France cooperation basis building project call / 2015년도 한-프랑스 협력기반조성을 위한 신규.. 황지현[Ji-Hyun Hwang] 2014.12.18
2500 Complete 산업통상자원부[MOTIE] ’15 Industry core technology development Creative/Material parts/ System industry field hearing announcement / 201.. 손수연[Son Soo Youn] 2014.11.24
2499 Complete 산업통상자원부[MOTIE] 2014 The 3rd System semiconductor commercialize technology development project call / 제3차 시스템반도체상용.. 손수연[Son Soo Youn] 2014.12.10
2498 Complete 소방방재청(National Emergency Management Agency) Disaster and Safety related infrastructure building project / 재난안전관련 기반구축사업 과제 공고 안.. 황지현 2014.12.03
2497 Complete KUUC KUUC-Company Cooperation Project/2015년도 KIST-UNIST-울산시 협력상용화 기술개발사업 신규과제 공고 Hui-Jun Han 2014.11.26
2496 Complete 미래창조과학부[MSIP] 2014 Korea-EU coresearch supporting project call / 2014년도 한-EU 공동연구지원사업 신규과제 공모 황지현[Ji-Hyun Hwang] 2014.11.27
2495 Complete 미래창조과학부[MSIP] Climate change correspond technology development project Re-announcement / 2014년 기후변화대응 기술개발사업.. 황지현[Ji-Hyun Hwang] 2014.11.10
2494 Complete 미래창조과학부[MSIP] 2014 EU R&D cooperation project call / 2014년도 EU 연구개발 협력사업 신규과제 공고 황지현[Ji-Hyun Hwang] 2014.12.01