Theory of Life

Theory of Life

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Combining physical and mathematical methods, we aim to develop unified theories that address fundamental questions of living and active matter, seeking the depth and predictive capability that has been achieved in conventional theoretical physics. Our working hypothesis is that the underlying principles governing the evolution and function of living matter have non-equilibrium physics and information-theoretic origins.

Major research field

Non-Equilibrium, Protein, Enyme, RNA, DNA

Desired field of research

Research Keywords and Topics

(a) Fundamental problems of living systems: the emergence of multi-cellularity in evolution examined within a Boolean network formalism.
(b) The interaction between RNA and inherently disordered protein, which will be studied using deep learning techniques.
(c) Evolution and innovation in music and language.
(d) Collective modes and their interaction in microfluidic systems.
(e) Modeling the catalytically-induced ballistic motion.

Research Publications

1. Dutta S, Eckmann JP, Libchaber A, & Tlusty T (2018) Green function of correlated genes in a minimal mechanical model of protein evolution. Proc Nat Acad Sci USA 115(20):E4559-E4568.
2. Paneru G, Lee DY, Tlusty T, & Pak HK (2018) Lossless Brownian Information Engine. Phys Rev Lett 120(2).
3. Jee AY, Dutta S, Cho YK, Tlusty T, & Granick S (2018) Enzyme leaps fuel antichemotaxis. Proc Nat Acad Sci USA 115(1):14-18.


System and method for differentiating between cells with normal and pathologically altered cytoskeleton (WO/2003/058192)