Redox and Electrochemistry Advancing Clean Technologies (REACT) LAB

청정 산화환원 및 전기화학 연구실

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청정 산화환원 및 전기화학 연구실

Electrification could be a step toward carbon-neutrality in urban activities, including environmental remediation, resource recovery, and energy storage. By replacing fossil fuels with green and renewable energy, REACT Lab intends to investigate ways to electrify separations and conversions for urban and environmental processes. In particular, we aim to design materials from molecular level and establish electrochemical engineering principles for delicate process-level design, contributing to address challenges in environment, resource recovery from liquid- and gas-phase waste streams, nitrogen/sulfur cycling, water remediation, and energy storage, all enabled by electrified reaction and separation.

Major research field

Electrochemical separations, environmental remediation, resource recovery

Desired field of research

Bioelectrochemistry, Biophotovoltaics, NOx/SOx treatment

Research Keywords and Topics

1) Electrochemical separations
2) Electrochemical water/air purification
3) Resource (metal, nutrient) recovery

Research Publications

1) K. Kim et al., Asymmetric Redox-Polymer Interfaces for Electrochemical Reactive Separations: Synergistic Capture and Conversion of Arsenic, Advanced Materials, 32 (2020) 1906877
2) K. Kim, et al., Molecular Tuning of Redox‐Copolymers for Selective Electrochemical Remediation, Advanced Functional Materials, 30 (2020) 2004635.
3) K. Kim, et al., Selective cobalt and nickel electrodeposition for lithium-ion battery recycling through integrated electrolyte and interface control, Nature Communications, 12 (2021) 6554.
4) K. Kim, et al., Coupling nitrate capture with ammonia production through bifunctional redox-electrodes, Nature Communications, 14 (2023) 823.


1) H. Yoon, C. Yoo, J. Kim, K. Kim, J-I. Han (2018). Method for ammonia synthesis using lithium super ionic conductor. Korean Patent. Registration No: 1018632080000
2) J-I. Han, K. Kim (2017). Methods of removing hydrogen sulfide and generating electricity using alkaline sulfide fuel cell. Korean Patent. Registration No: 1017306010000


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