Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering Research Group


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Earthquakes generate strong ground motions that ultimately lead to the destruction of existing infrastructure and loss of life, and are a major threat to sustainability. Our research group focuses on predicting the hazards from earthquakes and secondary effects by seismic hazard analysis, site response analysis, slope stability analysis, liquefaction analysis, and soil-structure interaction analysis. These efforts can facilitate designing new earthquake-resistant structures and seismically mitigating existing structures.


Earthquake, ground motion, seismology, deep learning, landslide, liquefaction


AI, multi-disaster

Research Keywords and Topics

Prediction of ground motion amplifications due to site and basin effects
부지 및 분지에 의한 지진파 증폭 예측
Development of ground motion prediction model
지진파 예측 모델 개발
Prediction of seismically induced landslides
지진에 의한 산사태 예측
Damage due to earthquakes
지진에 의한 피해
Ground motion prediction using deep learning techniques
딥러닝 기법을 활용한 지진파 예측
Prediction of liquefaction
지반액상화 예측

Research Publications

1. JOURNAL OF EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING / Building damage caused by the 2017 M5.4 Pohang, South Korea, earthquake, and effects of ground conditions / Kim, Byungmin; Ji, Yumin; Kim, Mirae; Lee, Young-Joo; Kang, Hyeonggu; Yun, Nu-Ri; Kim, Hyewon; Lee, Junghan / 2021
2. SOIL DYNAMICS AND EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERIN / Ground motion amplification models for Japan using machine learning techniques / Kim, Sunyul; Hwang, Youngdeok; Seo, Hwanwoo; Kim, Byungmin / 2020-05
3. BULLETIN OF THE SEISMOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA / Ground-Motion Amplifications in Small-Size Hills: Case Study of Gokgang-ri, South Korea, during the 2017 M-L 5.4 Pohang Earthquake Sequence / Kang, Sinhang; Kim, Byungmin; Cho, Hyungik; Lee, Junyoung; Kim, Kiseog; Bae, Sungjin; Sun, Chang-Guk / 2019-12


  • EI. 건설/교통
  • EI99. 기타 건설교통
  • EI9999. 달리 분류되지 않는 건설/교통


  • 기타 분야
  • 060000. 국가기술지도(NTRM) 99개 핵심기술 분류에 속하지 않는 기타 연구


  • 녹색기술관련 과제 아님
  • 녹색기술관련 과제 아님
  • 999. 녹색기술 관련과제 아님


  • 기타 분야
  • 기타 분야
  • 070000. 위의 미래유망신기술(6T) 103개 세분류에 속하지 않는 기타 연구