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- Physical Sensibility
As a physical object focused industrial designer, discovering a relationship between physical sensibility and human nature is an exciting area to explore, because the sense of touch is the most unique and distinctive medium to tell a story within a limited form factor. What gives a sense of comfort, and what makes interaction exciting between humans and a physical interface? For instance, musical interfaces represent one of the areas where tactile experiences are incredibly important, and they cannot be replaced solely by touch-screen interactions. In this industry, in-depth research is required to deliver truly intuitive and high-resolution tactile experiences. This calls for multidisciplinary collaboration between human-computer interaction experts, material scientists, and data visualization specialists. Furthermore, wearable technology is a field with the potential for next-generation disruptive innovation. Defining comfort fit is likely the first step to unlock this potential, as the technology cannot become mainstream without providing this fundamental experience. This research will necessitate a scientific approach, engineering challenges, and design solutions to be addressed.
- Realisation of Design and Innovation in manufacturing
Hardware products are truly meaningful when they are physically created and interact directly with people. However, the challenging and costly process of mass production often restricts designers' creativity. This process dilutes the original design intent and leads to significant unnecessary waste. Therefore, disruptive innovation around the design-for-manufacture process, which enables rapid implementation of the original design intent without distortion, is essential for the creative industry. What makes this issue to be resolved in the future? At DXI Lab, our goal is to contribute to the community through research that involves developing design products and providing people with better experiences.

Major research field

Optimal form-factor, Tactile experience, CMF, Musical interface, Wearable

Desired field of research

Disruptive innovation, Design For Manufacture, Next generation computing experiences, Accessibility


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