Nonlinear and Complex Dynamics

비선형 복잡계 연구실

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비선형 복잡계 연구실

Nonlinear Collective Dynamics
Mathematical Sociology
Neuromorphic Computing
Scientific Computing and Numerical Analysis

Major research field

비선형 집단 동역학, 수리 사회 모형 분석, 뉴로모픽 컴퓨팅

Desired field of research

Research Publications

P. Kim, Maximum Power Game as a Physical and Social Extension of Classical Games, Scientific Reports, 7, Article number: 43649, 2017.
J. Choi and P. Kim, Critical Neuromorphic Computing based on Explosive Synchronization, Chaos 29, 043110, 2019.
H. Yoon and P. Kim, A STDP-based Encoding Method for Associative and Composite Data, 12, Article number: 4666, 2022.