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Sustainable urban planning and design lab explores a wide range of topics relevant to urban development and policy. Visioning innovative future of the cities based on the empirical analysis of the relationships between human behaviors and urban space is one of the main research subjects. For improving thermal condition of the cities, examining the relationship between micro urban climate and the built environment is ongoing research topic.


Urban planning, pedestrian-friendly urban space design, urban heat island reduction design, pedestrian safety, smart city service technology, space us


Applications of VR technology to transportation, Big data analysis based on artificial intelligence, healthy city

Research Keywords and Topics

Research Keywords
Urban Planning, Urban Design, Travel Behavior, Urban Heat Island , VR
도시계획, 도시설계, 교통행태, 도시열섬, 가상현실

Research Interests/Topics
Relationship between human behavior and active built environment
행태와 물리적 도시환경의 관계
Application of GIS and spatial analysis on urban planning
GIS와 공간분석을 이용한 도시계획
Applications of VR technology to transportation
가상현실 기술을 이용한 교통 안전
Analyzing micro urban climate for reducing urban heat island
도시열섬완화를 위한 도시미기후 분석

Research Publications

1. Accident Analysis and Prevention / An examination of the intersection environment associated with perceived crash risk among school-aged children/ Kwon, Jae-Hong; Cho, Gi-Hyoug
2. CITIES / Announcement effects of urban regeneration plans on residential property values: Evidence from Ulsan, Korea / Cho, Gi-Hyoug; Kim, Jae Hong; Lee, Gain / 2020-02
3. CITIES / Shared housing as a potential resource for community building / Cho, Gi-Hyoug; Kim, Jeongseob; Woo, Ayoung / 2018-10
BUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT / Temporal and spatial variability of urban heat island by geographical location: A case study of Ulsan, Korea / Kim, Minjun; Lee, Kwanho; Cho, Gi-Hyoug / 2017-12


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