Entrepreneurship & Innovation Strategy Lab

기업가정신과 혁신전략 연구실

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The laboratory studies the principles of entrepreneurship and technological innovation, a new mechanism of value creation in modern society.

Major research field

기업가정신, 혁신전략, 기술경영

Desired field of research

4차 산업혁명 기술과 경영의 변화

Research Keywords and Topics

•Academic entrepreneurship
•Entrepreneurship and OB
•Learning from failure in venturing
•Multiple goals and search behavior
•Innovation ambidexterity and resources in SMEs
•Masculinity of entrepreneurs and business angels and financing decisions
•Pricing of technology licensing and patent litigation
•Diversification and innovation in crisis
•Confirmation bias and risk perception

Research Publications

SMALL BUSINESS ECONOMICS / Stereotypes about Academic Entrepreneurs and Their Negotiation Counterparts’ Collaborative Behavior / Zhang, Lu; Choi, Young Rok; Hao Zhao / 2020-05
JOURNAL OF BUSINESS VENTURING / When should entrepreneurs expedite or delay opportunity exploitation? / Choi, Young Rok; Lévesque, Moren; Shepherd, Dean A. / 2008-05
JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT / Entrepreneurs’ Decisions to Exploit Opportunities / Choi, Young Rok; Shepherd, Dean A. / 2004-06


  • SC. 경제/경영
  • SC07. 경영전략/윤리
  • SC0702. 창업/벤처기업