High-impact Weather Prediction Laboratory


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The High Impact Weather Prediction Laboratory is researching and predicting various natural disasters, in particular, high-impact weather (HIW) such as typhoon, heavy snowfall, severe rain storm, heat wave, cold wave and etc. We study not only theoretical basis and mechanism of HIW but also numerical modeling of them.
In particular, our researches focus on the real-time forecast of high-impact weather (HIW) and the investigation of its dynamical and physical processes with observations as well as model results. In addition, future changes in HIW related to climate change are also estimated through dynamical downscaling of climate change scenarios.

Major research field

Typhoon Modeling, Regional Climate Modeling of Future Climate Change, Prediction and Understanding of Heat Wave and Heavy Rainfall

Desired field of research

Data Assimilation, AI

Research Keywords and Topics

Development and Improvement of Numerical Models, Real-time Tropical Cyclone Forecasting, Regional Climate Modeling, High Impact Weather (Typhoon, Heavy Precipitation & Snowfall, Flood & Snowfall, Flood & Drought, Heatwave & Cold Surge), Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Models Coupling

Research Publications

· Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, Effect of a scale-aware convective parameterization scheme on the simulation of convective cells-related heavy rainfall in South Korea, Park, Haerin, Gayoung Kim, Dong-Hyun Cha*, Eun-Chul Chang, Joowan Kim, Sang-Hun Park, and Dong-Kyou Lee, (2022년 6월)
· Geophysical Research Letters, How does Pacific Decadal Oscillation affect tropical cyclone activity over Far East Asia?, Lee, Minkyu, Taehyung Kim, Dong-Hyun Cha*, Seung-Ki Min, Doo-Sun R. Park, Sang-Wook Yeh, and Johnny C. L. Chan, (2021년 12월)
· Climate Dynamics, Recent changes in heatwave characteristics over Korea, Yoon, Donghyuck, Dong-Hyun Cha*, Myong-In Lee, Ki-Hong Min, Joowan Kim, Sang-Yoon Jun, and Yonghan Choi, (2020년 8월)


· 태풍의 경로를 결정하는 방법 및 이를 수행하는 장치 / 차동현, 김경민 / 2021-05
· 품질 보증 인증을 위한 CORDEX 파일 변환 프로그램 / 차동현, 김가영 / 2019-11


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