Laboratory for Biomaterials and Translational Medicine

생체 재료 및 중개 의학 연구실

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생체 재료 및 중개 의학 연구실

The lab focuses on utilization of functional nanomaterials in diagnostic and therapeutic platforms and finds governing principles for biomedical materials design. Ultimate goals are starting from these findings and set a cutting-edge foundation of engineering sophisticated “multiscale biomedical material systems” for translational applications. In order to achieve the goals, we emphasize fundamental understandings of how nano-structured materials interact with biological systems. We also investigate the thermodynamic and kinetic basis of physicochemical interactions between synthetic biomedical materials and complex biological systems, with a specific focus on the surface chemistry and interface engineering.


nano-bio materials, drug delivery systems, bioimaging, biosensor, translational medicine, tissue regeneration


biomaterials, biodegradable materials, medical diagnosis, precision medicine

Research Keywords and Topics

나노-바이오공학 시스템, 의생명소재, 나노-바이오 계면 공학, 바이오센서, 약물 전달 시스템, 재생 의학, 생체 영상, 계면 화학, 분자 공학, 유전자 치료

Research Publications

Nature Biomedical Engineering, Antibiotic-loaded nanoparticles targeted to the site of infection enhance antibacterial efficacy (2018)
Advanced Materials, Tracking the fate of porous silicon nanoparticles delivering a peptide payload by intrinsic photoluminescence lifetime (2018)
ACS Nano, Highly sensitive diagnostic assay for the detection of protein biomarkers using microresonators and multifunctional nanoparticles (2012)


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