Science Humanities & Environmental Ethics

과학인문학, 환경윤리 연구실

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과학인문학, 환경윤리 연구실

Science Humanities encompasses philosophy and engineering in that the philosophy is the science of truth and the engineering provides engines to the societies. Scientific technologies are believed to change the communities thus environmental ethics is inevitable as it deals with all the communication of the communities and their virtual and situational ethics.

Major research field

Desired field of research

Research Keywords and Topics

· Science Humanities, Environmental Ethics
· Convergence of Science and Arts, feces Standard Money (fSM)
· BeeVi systems with feces standard money and engineered technologies

Research Publications

· SEPARATION AND PURIFICATION TECHNOLOGY / Charge characteristics (surface charge vs. zeta potential) of membrane surfaces to assess the salt rejection behavior of nanofiltration membranes / Jun, Byung-Moon; Cho, Jaeweon; Jang, Am; Chon, Kangmin; 2Westerhoff, Paul; Yoon, Yeomin; Rho, Hojung / 2020-09
· DESALINATION / Fouling behavior of marine organic matter in reverse osmosis membranes of a real-scale seawater desalination plant in South Korea / Lee, Yong-Gu; Kim, Sangwon; Shin, Jaegwan; Rho, Hojung; Lee, Younggeun; Kim, Young Mi; Park, Yongeun; Oh, Sang-Eun; Cho, Jaeweon; Chon, Kangmin / 2020-07
· DESALINATION / Comparative performance of FO-RO hybrid and two-pass SWRO desalination processes: Boron removal / Ban, Se-Hyeon; Im, Sung-Ju; Cho, Jaeweon; Jang, Am / 2019-12


· 친환경 변기 및 이를 이용한 자동 분뇨 처리 방법 / 조재원; 최미진; 한국인; 남태우; 이현경; 박종관 / 2018-07
· 원형 모형의 미래형 물 없는 양변기 / 이현경; 한국인; 조재원; 송수향; 조은호 / 2017-06

Books (selected)
· “Honey Money: fsm-new money for a new society”, Jaeweon Cho, published by “”, 2020
· “이것은 변기가 아닙니다”, 조재원, 장성익, “개마고원”, 2021