Risk Management Policy and Safety Design Lab

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안전정책 및 디자인 연구실

‘Risk Management Policy and Safety Design Lab’ is dedicated to conducting multidisciplinary research aimed at reducing disaster vulnerability and enhancing resilience of our society. Our research areas encompass disaster resilience, risk management policy, risk communication, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and urban safe design principles.

Major research field

Disaster resilience, Risk management/Communication, Safety design, Carbon neuralization

Desired field of research

Research Keywords and Topics

· Methods of Social Research (Quantitative and Qualitative methods such as Survey, Network analysis, etc)
· Data Science & Programming (Statistical method and tools such as SPSS, R, Python, etc.)
· Theory of Public Administration & Urban Planning
· Design methodologies (CPTED etc.)

Research Publications

· Journal of Energy Storage / Social construction of fire accidents in battery energy storage systems in Korea/ 2023
· Social Science & Medicine / Characteristics of victim blaming related to COVID-19 in South Korea / 2023
· International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction/ Mask-wearing behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic in Korea: The role of individualism in a collectivistic country/ 2022
· NATURE / Let democracy rule nuclear energy / 2018


· 재난 피해자 조사 관리 방법 및 장치 / 정지범 외 7인 / 2020-06
· 가변형 차수막 장치 / 정지범 외 3인 / 2019-10


  • OC. 과학기술과 인문사회
  • OC03. 과학기술정책/사회
  • OC0305. 과학기술과 정책


  • 기타 분야
  • 060000. 국가기술지도(NTRM) 99개 핵심기술 분류에 속하지 않는 기타 연구


  • 녹색기술관련 과제 아님
  • 녹색기술관련 과제 아님
  • 999. 녹색기술 관련과제 아님


  • 기타 분야
  • 기타 분야
  • 070000. 위의 미래유망신기술(6T) 103개 세분류에 속하지 않는 기타 연구