Intelligent Manufacturing and Materials Lab

지능형 생산 및 소재 연구실

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We create and apply new methods for digital transformation. The IMM Lab is an interdisciplinary research team devoted to developing and applying novel technologies for academic and economic breakthrough in manufacturing industry. Specifically, we develop a host of methods to enable meaningful data achievement from mechanical system, machine learning based new process, additively manufactured functional 3D & 4D system and digital twin. We are applying these digitalization technologies for highly efficient, functional and safe systems.


Artificial Intelligence for Manufacturing, Material and Medical Innovation. Additive Manufacturing for Intelligent Metal Components, Digital Twin


Metaverse for Virtual Manufacturing, Blockchain for Safe Data Protection for Manufacturing

Research Keywords and Topics

Additive Manufacturing for IT integrated Metal Parts
A.I. Augmented Metal Parts for Smart Mechanical System & Smart Factory
Smart Self-Powered IoT Sensor Development for Remote Monitoring of Factory
Intelligent Titanium Components Manufacturing for Smart Bio-Medical Implant
Microstructural/Numerical Analysis for Manufacturing Process Verification
Digital Twin, Metaverse for Advanced Maintenance of Mechanical System/Factory

Research Publications

Virtual Surface Morphology Generation of Ti-6Al-4V Directed Energy Deposition via Conditional Generative Adversarial Network, Virtual and Physical Prototyping (IF:10.962, JCR 5% in Engineering, Manufacturing), 2023

Meniscus-guided Micro-printing of Prussian Blue for Smart Electrochromic Display, Advanced Science (IF:17.521, JCR 5% in Materials Science, Multidisciplinary), 2023

Laser Powder Bed Fusion for AI Assisted Digital Metal Components, Virtual and Physical Prototyping (IF:10.962, JCR 5% in Engineering, Manufacturing), 2022


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  • 012300. 인공지능/지능로봇 기술


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  • 친환경 제조공정 및 소재효율성 향상
  • 352. 제조공정/소재 효율성 향상 기타 기술


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