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본 연구실은 에너지 저장 및 변환 신소재를 디자인하고 발굴하는 연구를 진행하고 있습니다. 기계화학 합성법을 이용하여 비평형 열역학 조성의 신소재를 발굴하고 있습니다. 신소재 발굴 이외에 소재 분석 및 전기화학 디바이스내 평가를 통해 소재에 대한 근본적인 이해를 추구하고 있으며, 이에 대한 지식을 에너지 저장 및 변환 기술로 구현해내는 연구를 진행하고 있습니다.

We are mainly trying to design and discover advanced new energy materials by exploring including non-equilibrium thermodynamic chemical spaces. Based on the novel material synthesis, we systematically study on the material characterization and finally apply the material to the fabrication of electrochemical devices to bridge the fundamental discovery and knowledge to the energy storage and conversion technologies. We are focusing on the defining the key question with "What" and "How" and solving the core issues in energy research fields.


Li-ion Batteries, Solid-State Batteries, Solid Electrolytes, Nanocomposite, Cathodes, X-ray Characterization


Fluoride Batteries, In-situ Characterization, X-ray Microscopy

Research Keywords and Topics

Research Theme
1. Designing and exploring new materials for energy storage and conversion (Cathode & Solid-Electrolyte)
- 에너지 저장 및 변환 신소재 개발 및 발굴 (양극 및 고체전해질)
2. Advanced X-ray characterization for probing interfacial phenomena
- X-ray 기반 계면 고도 분석
3. Fabrication and Characterization of Solid-State Battery
- 전고체전지: 제조 및 분석
4. New system of energy storage and conversion: Fluoride ion battery
- 차세대 에너지 저장 및 변환 시스템 연구: 불소 이온 전지

Research Publications

1. Sung-Kyun Jung†,*, Hyeokjo Gwon†,*, Gabin Yoon, Lincoln J. Miara, Valentina Lacivita, and Ju-Sik Kim, “Pliable Lithium Superionic Conductor for All-Solid-State Batteries”, ACS Energy Letters 6 (2021) 2006
2. Sung-Kyun Jung†, Insang Hwang†, Il Rok Choi†, Gabin Yoon, Joo Ha Park, Kyu-Young Park, and Kisuk Kang*, “Chemical Origins of Electrochemical Overpotential in Surface‐Conversion Nanocomposite Cathodes”, Advanced Energy Materials, (2019) 1900503
3. Sung-Kyun Jung, Hyunchul Kim, Min Gee Cho, Sung-Pyo Cho, Byungju Lee, Hyungsub Kim, Young-Uk Park, Jihyun Hong, Kyu-Young Park, Gabin Yoon, Won Mo Seong, Yongbeom Cho, Myoung Hwan Oh, Haegyeom Kim, Hyeokjo Gwon, Insang Hwang, Taeghwan Hyeon, Won-Sub Yoon*, Kisuk Kang*, “Lithium-free transition metal monoxides for positive electrodes in lithium ion batteries”, Nature Energy, 2 (2017) 16208


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