New materials/devices - Computing convergence application research is being conducted. It deals with phase change, resistance change, and 2D materials/devices for grafting applications such as artificial neural networks, optimization, and neuromorphic computing. The distinction of research lies in the intrinsic convergence of physicochemical characteristics of materials/devices into mathematical algorithms and arithmetics. In particular, using spontaneity, uncertainty, and complexity, parallel, ensemble, and probabilistic statistical operations are implemented and expanded to artificial intelligence computing.

Major research field

Desired field of research

Research Keywords and Topics

Semiconductor materials and devices, Neuromorphic Computing, Artificial Intelligence

Research Publications

“Double-Floating-Gate van der Waals Transistor for High-Precision Synaptic Operations”, Hoyeon Cho, et al. ACS Nano 2023, 17, 8, 7384-7393.
“Filamentary and Interface-Type Memristors Based on Tantalum Oxide for Energy-Efficient Neuromorphic Hardware”
Minjae Kim, et al. ACS Appl. Mater. Interface 2022, 14, 44561-44571.
“Spontaneous sparse learning for PCM-based memristor neural networks”
Dong-Hyeok Lim, et al. Nature Commun. 2021, 12, 319.


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"상변화 메모리 소자를 기반으로 하는 프로세싱 장치 및 이를 포함하는 뉴로모픽 시스템", 정홍식, 서준기, 임동혁, (20210416)