Organic Soft Electronics and System Lab.

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Our research group is mostly focusing on developing soft electronic devices based on organic semiconductors. Soft (flexible/stretchable) electronics are highly demanded a wide range of applications that cannot be easily achieved from traditional rigid/brittle electronics such as e-skin, wearable electronics, bio-implantable devices, nerve interfaces, advanced healthcare system, etc. We mainly focus on developing novel soft materials by understanding the chemistry of materials for the facile fabrication process unlike the complicated process required for the stretchability of intrinsically non-stretchable materials. Besides, we are spending much effort into pursuing the realization of various deformable electronics and innovative applications through interdisciplinary studies.

Major research field

Stretchable polymeric semiconductor, Fully soft transistor, High speed operational soft integrated circuit, Soft artificial synaptic devices

Desired field of research

Soft light emitting devices, Soft energy harvester, Human-Machine interface with soft robot, Complex soft sensing system, Artificial skin electronics, Soft neuromorphic electronics

Research Keywords and Topics

- Soft electronics, Organic semiconductor, Stretchable electronics, Synaptic device, Materials chemistry, Functional materials, Wearable electronics, E-skin

Research Publications

- Nature Electronics, Three-dimensional curvy electronics created using conformal additive stamp printing, Kyoseung Sim, Song Chen, Zhengwei Li, Zhoulyu Rao, Jingshen Liu, Yuntao Lu, Seonmin Jang, Faheem Ershad, Ji Chen, Jianliang Xiao, Cunjiang Yu (2019.10)

- Science Advances, Metal Oxide Semiconductor Nanomembrane based Soft Unnoticeable Multifunctional Electronics for Wearable Human-Machine Interfaces, Kyoseung Sim, Zhoulyu Rao, Zhanan Zou, Faheem Ershad, Jianming Lei, Anish Thukral, Jie Chen, Qing-an Huang, Jianliang Xiao, Cunjiang Yu (2019.08)

- Science Advances, Fully Rubbery Integrated Electronics from High-Mobility Intrinsically Stretchable Semiconductors, Kyoseung Sim, Zhoulyu Rao, Haejin Kim, Anish Thukral, Hyunseok Shim, Changliang Peng and Cunjiang Yu (2019.02)


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  • NC0505. 전기/전자/광특성 고분자


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  • 010400. 반도체/나노 신소자 기술


  • 녹색기술관련 과제 아님


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