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Recently, air pollutants(fine particles, and trace gases) are key factors of the regional air quality problems and global climate change. To study the air pollutants, monitoring network developments of air pollutants provides the basic information to the analysis and application studies of air pollutants. We are monitoring air pollutants from remote sensing instruments by using solar light radiation. In addition, we develop the new observation retrieval algorithm of air pollutants including fine particles and gaseous materials for ground, airborne, and satellite sensors. Based on the original retrieval algorithm results, we analyze the long-range transport of pollutants and radiation effects for air pollutants in a regional scale.

Major research field

Aerosol, Fine particle, Remote Sensing, Radiation, Satellite retrieval

Desired field of research

Air quality observation network, retrieval algorithm development, satellite observation, air quality model scheme development

Research Keywords and Topics

Development of pollution retrieval algorithm from the air-borne instrument
Identifying aerosol properties from satellite remote sensing
Validation studies for satellite remote sensing dataset
Vertical distribution retrieval from Korean Geostationary Environmental Satellite (GEMS)
Air quality and radiation effect for the Spatio-temporal structure of ozone and fine particles

Research Publications

1. ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT / Effect of temperature-dependent cross sections on O-4 slant column density estimation by a space-borne UV-visible hyperspectral sensor / Park, Sang Seo; Takemura, Toshihiko; Kim, Jhoon / 2017-03
2. ATMOSPHERIC CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS / Utilization of O-4 slant column density to derive aerosol layer height from a space-borne UV-visible hyperspectral sensor: sensitivity and case study / Park, Sang Seo; Kim, Jhoon; Lee, Hanlim; Torres, Omar; Lee, Kwang-Mog; Lee, Sang Deok / 2016-02
3. REMOTE SENSING OF ENVIRONMENT / Combined dust detection algorithm by using MODIS infrared channels over East Asia / Park, Sang Seo; Kim, Jhoon; Lee, Jaehwa; Lee, Sukjo; Kim, Jeong Soo; Chang, Lim Seok; Ou, Steve / 2014-02


1. Apparatus for Retrieving column amounts of ozone and nitrogen dioxide in the air using observation data of Hyperspectral Imaging Sensor / Jin-Su Park, Hyun-Je Kim, Ha-Eun Jeon, Min-Yeong Sung, Yong-Hwan Lee, Joon-Young Ahn, Sang-Bo Lee, Jeong-Su Kim, Sang Seo Park, Hyeon-Ju Park, and Sang-Woo Kim /10-1968087 / 2019.04.05 / South Korea.
2. Apparatus and method for estimating height / Jhoon Kim, Hanlim Lee, and Sang Seo Park / 10-1396992 / 2014.05.13 / South Korea.


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