Emergent Materials & Devices Laboratory

차세대 소재 소자 연구실

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차세대 소재 소자 연구실

Emergent Materials & Devices Lab (EMDL) at UNIST is dedicated to exploring emergent (new) materials and device structures for electronic/optoelectronic applications. In particular, the group focuses on investigating the fundamental material properties of wide band-gap semiconductors, functional metal oxide thin films, and graphene, and also developing novel devices based on these materials such as non-volatile memory, high-power and high-frequency semiconductor devices, and quantum computing devices.

Major research field

Semiconductor, Metal Oxide Thin Film, Graphene, Non-Volatile Memory, Quantum Transport and Devices

Desired field of research

Scalable Quantum Computing System, New Type of CMOS Devices

Research Keywords and Topics

Wide Band Gap Semiconductor: SiC MOSFET, Nitride HEMT, Epitaxial Graphene on SiC
Metal Oxide Thin Films: Advanced Gate Stack, Ferroelectric RAM, Memristive Devices
Interface Charge/Spin Transport: Ballistic Transport across Interface, Quantum Transport
Quantum Computation: Scalable Superconductor & Semiconductor Qubit System

Research Publications

"Negative Fermi-Level Pinning Effect of Metal/n-GaAs(001) Junction induced by a Graphene Interlayer", Hoon Hahn Yoon, Wonho Song, Sungchul Jung, Junhyung Kim, Kyuhyung Mo, Gahyun Choi, Hu Young Jeong, Jong Hoon Lee, and Kibog Park*, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 11(50), 47182 (2019)
"Strong Fermi-Level Pinning at Metal/n-Si(001) Interface Ensured by Forming an Intact Schottky Contact with a Graphene Insertion Layer", Hoon Hahn Yoon, Sungchul Jung, Gahyun Choi, Junhyung Kim, Youngeun Jeon, Yong Soo Kim, Hu Young Jeong, Kwanpyo Kim, Soon-Yong Kwon, and Kibog Park*, Nano Letters 17(1), 44 (2017)
"Enhanced Crystallinity of Epitaxial Graphene Grown on Hexagonal SiC Surface with Molybdenum Plate Capping", Han Byul Jin, Youngeun Jeon, Sungchul Jung, Vijayakumar Modepalli, Hyun Suk Kang, Byung Cheol Lee, Jae-Hyeon Ko, Hyung-Joon Shin, Jung-Woo Yoo, Sung Youb Kim, Soon-Yong Kwon, Daejin Eom, and Kibog Park*, Scientific Reports 5, 9615 (2015)


"Touch sensor and display device including the same", Jae Ik Lim, Won Sang Park, Hye Yong Chu, Kibog Park, Sungchul Jung, Hanbyul Jin, US 10627965 B2 (04/21/2020)
"Ferroelectric memory device and method for manufacturing the same", Kibog Park, Soon-Yong Kwon, Youngeun Jeon, Sungchul Jung, Han Byul Jin, Jinsung Kwak, Korea No 10-1385735 (04/09/2014)


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