UNIST Nuclear Innovative Material Laboratory

원자력 재료 연구실

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원자력 재료 연구실

Nuclear material engineering pursues the safety of reactor operation and the enhancement of power generation efficiency. The ultimate goal of UNIMAT is that contributing the present and the future of nuclear industry in point of academic research.

Major research field

High temperature water corrosion, liquid metal corrosion, material degradation simulation, functional alloy development

Desired field of research

Corrosion experiments in extreme conditions, Probabilistic or finite element model for various degradation mechanisms

Research Keywords and Topics

· Materials in operating nuclear power plant (structural material, cladding, pipe, non-metal)
· Materials in operating next generation nuclear power plant (Accident-tolerated cladding, Irradiation effect, Material degradation in liquid metal coolant)
· Atomistic behavior of material (Experiments and simulations in atomistic scale)

Research Publications

· Nuclear Engineering and Technology, Effects of heat and Gamma radiation on the degradation behaviour of fluoroelastomer in a simulated severe accident environment, I. Song, T. Lee, K. Ryu, Y.J. Kim, M.S. Kim, J.W. Park, J.H. Kim*, 2022.08
· Journal of Nuclear Materials, Effect of TiN Coating on the Fouling Behavior of Crud on Pressurized Water Reactor Fuel Cladding, J. Ham, Y. Lee, S. C. Yoo, M. P. Short, C. B. Bahn and J. H. Kim*, 2021.06
· Corrosion Science, Microstructural evolution and corrosion behaviour of thermally aged dissimilar metal welds of low-alloy steel and nickel-based alloy, K. J. Choi, S. C. Yoo, S. Kim, T. Kim, J. Ham, J. Lee and J. H. Kim*, 2019.06
· Nuclear Engineering and Technology, Survivability assessment of Viton in safety-related equipment under simulated severe accident environments, K. Ryu, I. Song, T. Lee, S. Lee, Y. Kim and J. H. Kim*, 2018.06


· 유동가속부식 저항 합금강 및 이의 제조방법 / 김승현, 김지현 / 2020-03
· 사고 저항성 및 크러드 흡착 저항성 향상을 위한 다중 금속층 복합구조 경수로 핵연료 피복관 제조 응용기술 개발 / 장준호, 반치범, 김지현 / 2018-11


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  • EG0504. 원자력재료 성능 검증/평가기술


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  • 235. 개량형 경수로 기타 기술


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