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Molecular Biomedicine Lab (MBL) is a global stem cell research group that has a network with Max Planck Institute, the world-leading research institute. MBL aims to develop novel stem cell technologies to treat incurable disease. Direct conversion is a technology that can generate target cells from skin cells by bypassing the pluripotent stage thereby solving the tumorigenic risk of pluripotent stem cells. MBL focuses on developing stem cell treatments that repair damaged tissues or damaged organs using patient-specific stem cells generated by direct conversion technology, organoid technology or stem cell-based tissues produced by 3D bio-printing technology.


Reprogramming, Direct conversion, 3D bio-printing, Spinal cord injury, Neurodegenerative diseases


Patient-specific stemcells, Organoids, First-in-class drugs, Drug development

Research Keywords and Topics

Our research is based on an understanding of the mechanism of iPS reprogramming, direct conversion and the generation of patient-specific stem cells for future cell therapy. The aim is to develop innovative cell therapeutic methods for clinical applications and possible solutions for degenerative and currently incurable disease. In addition, iPS cells and direct conversion can also be used for innovative techniques of drug screening and toxicity tests. Therefore, the therapeutic potential of iPS cell and direct converted cells are very promising.

우리는 세포 치료제 개발을 위한 iPS 재프로그래밍, 직접교차분화 줄기세포 및 환자 맞춤형 줄기세포의 생성 메커니즘에 대한 이해를 기반으로 한다. 퇴행성 질환과 현재 불치병에 대한 가능한 해결책으로 임상 응용을 위한 혁신적인 세포 치료법을 개발하는 것이다. 또한 iPS 세포와 직접교차분화 줄기세포는 약물 개발과 독성 테스트의 혁신적인 기법에도 사용될 수 있다. 따라서 iPS세포와 직접교차분화 줄기세포의 치료 잠재력은 매우 유망하다.

Research Publications

1. ELIFE, Sequentially induced motor neurons from human fibroblasts facilitate locomotor recovery in a rodent spinal cord injury model, Lee, H, Lee, HY, Lee, BE, Gerovska, D, Park, SY, Zaehres, H, Araúzo-Bravo, MJ, Kim, JI, Ha, Y, Schöler, HR, Kim, JB, (2020.06)
2. CELL, Oct4-Induced Pluripotency in Adult Neural Stem Cells, Kim, JB, Sebastiano, V, Wu, G, Arauzo-Bravo, MJ, Sasse, P, Gentile, L, Ko, K, Ruau, D, Ehrich, M, van den Boom, D, Meyer, J, Huebner, K, Bernemann, C, Ortmeier, C, Zenke, M, Fleischmann, BK, Zaehres, H, Schoeler, HR, (2009.02)
3. NATURE, Pluripotent stem cells induced from adult neural stem cells by reprogramming with two factors, Kim, JB, Zaehres, H, Wu, GM, Gentile, L, Ko, K, Sebastiano, V, Arauzo-Bravo, MJ, Ruau, D, Han, DW, Zenke, M, Scholer, HR, (2008.07)


1. Hydorgel patch, Jeong Beom Kim and Donggyu Nam. 12/10/2019
2. Composition for inducing direct conversion of somatic cell into Oligodendrocyte Progenitor Cells and use the same, Jeong Beom Kim. 10/26/2017.


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