Molecular Oncology Laboratory

분자종양학 연구실

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분자종양학 연구실

Our lab’s research goal is to promote our understanding of cancer with the aim of developing novel therapeutics that can be used as preventive and/or curative therapy. To this end, we are focusing on understanding the functional impact of genetic alterations in cancer and suggesting an attractive strategy for safely treating cancer.

암에서 발견되는 다양한 유전적 변이의 기능적 영향을 이해하고 이를 바탕으로 암세포 선택적 사멸 유도 전략을 제시하고자 합니다.

Major research field

Cancer Biology, Cell Biology_Organelle stress, Molecular Biology_RNA Splicing

Desired field of research

Cell Death Mechanisms, Anticancer therapeutic strategies

Research Keywords and Topics

Understanding the molecular mechanisms of cancer development
- 암 발생의 분자 기전 이해

Identification of signaling pathways and molecular targets involved in cancers
- 암과 관련된 신호전달경로 및 분자 표적 규명

Study on the therapeutic strategies to selectively kill cancer cells
- 암세포 선택적 사멸 유도 전략 연구

Research Publications

•Journal of Controlled Release, TRAIL & EGFR affibody dual-display on a protein nanoparticle synergistically suppresses tumor growth, Jun H, Jang E, Kim H, Yeo M, Park SG, Lee J, Shin KJ, Chae YC, Kang S*, Kim E* (202209)
•Biochemical Pharmacology, Quercetin and Chloroquine Synergistically Kill Glioma Cells by Inducing Organelle Stress and Disrupting Ca2+ Homeostasis. Jan E, Kim IY, Kim H, Lee DM, Seo DY, Lee JA, Choi KS, Kim E*. (202008)
• Cancer Cell, Synthetic Lethal and Convergent Biological Effects of Cancer-Associated Spliceosomal Gene Mutations. Lee SC*, North K*, Kim E*, Jang E, Obeng E, Lu SX, Liu B, Inoue D, Yoshimi A, Ki M, Yeo M, Zhang XJ, Kim MK, Cho H1 Chung YR, Taylor J, Durham BH, Kim YJ, Pastore A, Monette S, Palacino J, Seiler M, Buonamici S, Smith PG, Ebert BL, Bradley RK, Abdel-Wahab O. (201808)


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