Computational Advanced Nanomechanics (CAN)


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CAN is investigating various characteristics of nanoscale materials using computation, specially emphasizing on the mechanics or mechanics-mediate characteristics of them. CAN is studying the validity and limitation of continuum (solid) mechanics theories in the applications for nanoscale materials. In addition, CAN is working on traditional CAE using FEM for various applications such as batteries, electronic skin, auxetic materials, acoustic topological insulators and so on.

Major research field

나노역학(Nanomechanics), 전산원용해석(CAE), 나노 파괴역학(Fracture Mechanics), 전위론(Dislocation theory), 기타역학(Unusual Mechanical Behavior)

Desired field of research

다수 전위(dislocation) 및 결정립계 상호 작용, 비상호성/비대칭성(non-Hermitian) 역학 이론, 기계적 위상부도체(phononic TI) 설계 및 해석, 인공지능을 활용한 재료 설계

Research Keywords and Topics

· Phase insulator: A study on the principle and design of an artificial structure that completely propagates mechanical vibration or sound at a specific frequency or prevents propagation at all
· Potential Theory: A study on the dynamic properties and mobility of moving potentials, such as the stress field around the material, the change in the velocity of the potential, energy loss, etc. when the potential in the material moves
· Nano-crack: A study on the J-integral and fracture characteristics in the presence of nano-scale cracks in the material (comparative study with continuous fracture mechanics)
· Materials with negative physical properties: Research on principles and characteristics of structures or nanomaterials with negative Poisson's ratio or coefficient of thermal expansion
· Mechanistic specific characteristics: Study of specific structures in which the mechanical reciprocity is broken (non-reciprocity) or the symmetry of the stiffness matrix is ​​broken (non-Hermitia

Research Publications

· International Journal of Plasticity / Inertial effect inducing drag on fast-moving dislocation in discrete systems / Soon Kim, Hokun Kim, Keonwook Kang, and Sung Youb Kim / 2020.
· Nanoscale / Vally-dependent topological protected elastic waves using continuous graphene memebranes on patterned substrates / Jaehyung Hong, Joo Hwan Oh, Harold S. Park, and Sung Youb Kim / 2020.
· Nature Communications / Negative Poisson's ratios in metal nanoplates / Duc Tam Ho, Soon-Dong Park, Soon-Yong Kwon, Kibog Park, and Sung Youb Kim / 2014.


· Mass measuring devices and methodology using graphene sheets, 10-1229730 (한국), 2013
· Graphene sheet, transparent electrode, active layer including the same, display, electronic device, optoelectronic device, battery, solar cell, and dye-sensitized solar cell including the electrode or active layer, US 9,385,281 B2 (미국), 2016


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