Functional Nanomaterials & Devices

기능성 나노소재 및 소자 연구실

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기능성 나노소재 및 소자 연구실

Our research interests are centered on the development of functional nanomaterials and devices based on the assembly of organic/inorganic materials into micro- and nanostructures. We are interested in exploiting the fabrication strategies combining “bottom-up” assembly and “top-down” lithography to hierarchically organize organic and inorganic nanomaterials on multiple length scales. For the solution-based “bottom-up” assembly of nanomaterials (carbon nanotubes, graphenes, nanowires, nanoparticles, etc.), we engineer the surface properties of nanomaterials and substrates for the controlled molecular interactions between nanomaterials, solvents, and substrates. For the “top-down” lithography, we exploit various unconventional lithography methods (soft-lithography, colloids assembly, polymer self-assembly, etc.) in addition to the conventional photolithography and e-beam lithography. By controlling the surface chemistry of nanomaterials and physical confinement
of lithographic templates, we understand the principles of nanomaterials assembly and find exact strategies for the specific design of hierarchical structures. We also seek to understand the fundamental physical properties of individual nanomaterials and the collective behavior of the organized micro- and nanostructures, which is central to the rational development of functional devices. Ultimately, we intend to use these micro- and nanostructures in electronics, optics, sensors, and biomedical devices.

Major research field

고분자, 나노물질 / Polymers, Nanomaterials

Desired field of research

플렉서블 센서, 웨어러블 기기, 바이오 영감 소재, 스마트 소재 / Flexible sensors, Wearable devices, Bio￾inspired materials, Smart materials

Research Keywords and Topics

• Functional nanomaterials: hybrid structures of polymers and nanomaterials (metallic and semiconducting nanoparticles, nanotubes, nanowires, graphenes, 2D materials, etc.)
• Flexible and wearable electronic devices: electronic skin sensors, flexible/stretchable electrodes, transistors, and diodes
• Bio-inspired materials: functional micro/nanomaterials micking the multifunctional micro/nanostructures of biological systems
• Smart materials: stimuli (light, pressure, pH, temperature, etc.) responsive materials

Research Publications

• SCIENCE ADVANCES / Soft and ion-conducting hydrogel artificial tongue for astringency perception / Yeom, Jeonghee; Choe, Ayoung; Lim, Seongdong; Lee, Youngsu; Na, Sangyun; Ko, Hyunhyub / 2020-06
• SCIENCE ADVANCES / Transparent and conductive nanomembranes with orthogonal silver nanowire arrays for skin-attachable loudspeakers and microphones / Kang, Saewon; Cho, Seungse; Shanker, Ravi; Lee, Hochan; Park, Jonghwa; Um, Doo￾Seung; Lee, Youngoh; Ko, Hyunhyub / 2018-08
• SCIENCE ADVANCES / Fingertip skin-inspired microstructured ferroelectric skins discriminate static/dynamic pressure and temperature stimuli / Park, Jonghwa; Kim, Marie; Lee, Youngoh; Lee, Heon Sang; Ko, Hyunhyub / 2015-10


• 하이드로젤 기반 인공혀 센서 / 고현협, 염정희, 최아영 / 2021-09
• 강유전성 복합 소재 기반 인공 전자 피부 / 고현협, 박종화, 이헌상 / 2015-09
• 은나노와이어 기반의 고효율 투명전극 제조장치 및 투명전극 제조방법 / 고현협 / 2015-06


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