Strategic Management


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Strategic Management Lab examines how diverse organizational characteristics affect strategic decisions and performance outcomes.

Major research field

Strategic Management, Organizational Theory, Strategic Leadership, Corporate Governance

Desired field of research

Research on relationships between characteristics of decision makers and firms' strategic and performance outcomes

Research Keywords and Topics

CEO, Top Management Team, Board of Directors, Strategic Decision Making

Research Publications

Strategic Management Journal, 42(2): 462-488. Being Extraordinary: How CEOs’ Uncommon Names Explain Strategic Distinctiveness. Kang, Y., Zhu, D. H., & Zhang, Y. (2021).

Journal of Strategic Management, 18(2), 1-26. (Korean Journal. 전략경영연구) Catch-Up and Defense Strategy between Firms: Mobile Messenger Market Case Analysis. Kang, Y., & Kang, J. (2015).


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