Virtual Materials and Processes Design Laboratory

가상재료공정설계 연구실

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가상재료공정설계 연구실

가상재료공정설계 연구실 (VDLab) 은 멀티스케일/멀티피직스 관점의 전산모사 기법을 활용하여 반도체 분야를 포함한 다양한 재료 및 공정에 대한 근원적인 이해와 나아가 설계안을 제공할 수 있는 고도화된 방법론 개발을 목적으로 합니다.
The Virtual Materials and Processes Design Laboratory (VDLab) endeavors to develop highly sophisticated methodologies for an essential understanding and innovative design of materials and processes across a broad spectrum, encompassing multiscale phenomena from quantum to continuum mechanics. By leveraging novel scale-bridging techniques, the laboratory addresses complex challenges in plasma-material interactions, which are pivotal for semiconductor processing. The VDLab is dedicated to optimizing material and process variables, employing multiphysics computational simulations to enhance the performance and yield of semiconductor manufacturing.

Major research field

멀티스케일 전산모사, 반도체 재료/공정, 플라즈마-재료 상호작용, 기능성 유연 재료

Desired field of research

스케일 브릿징, 고성능컴퓨팅, 인공지능 활용 재료과학

Research Keywords and Topics

멀티스케일 전산모사, 반도체 재료/공정 모델링, 플라즈마-재료 상호작용, 인공지능 활용 재료과학, 분자동역학, 나노복합재, 제일원리
Multiscale simulation, Semiconductor materials and processes, Plasma-materials interaction, Machine learning in materials science, Molecular dynamics, Nanocomposites, Density functional theory

Research Publications

· Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics / Deep neural network-based reduced-order modeling of ion–surface interactions combined with molecular dynamics simulation / Byungjo Kim et al., / 2023-09
· Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics / Computational approach for plasma process optimization combined with deep learning model / Byungjo Kim et al., / 2023-08
· Surfaces and Interfaces / Combined molecular dynamics simulations and reaction kinetics study on wettability of Trimethylsilyl functionalized silicon surfaces / Byungjo Kim et al., / 2022-12
· Applied Surface Science / Atomistic insights on hydrogen plasma treatment for stabilizing High-k/Si interface / Byungjo Kim et al., / 2022-08


· Upper electrode and substrate processing apparatus including the same / Byungjo Kim et al., / Published No.(US):11,545,344B2 / 2023-01
· Bonding head, die bonding apparatus including the same and method of manufacturing semiconductor package using the same / Byungjo Kim et al., Published No.(US):11,626,381B2 / 2023-04


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