Guideline for Management of Research Expense Cards

Apr 26. 2016

Guideline for Management of Research Expense Cards

Established on Apr. 25, 2011, in guideline no. 19.

Article 1 (Purpose)

This guideline is intended to specify the detailed requirements for executing and managing the research expense cards of the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) and Academy Industry Research Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “the University”) to ensure transparent execution of research expenses and contribute to efficient execution and management of said expenses.

Article 2 (Definitions)

Research expense card refers to said cards designated by supporting institutes as well as company credit cards issued by the University.

Article 3 (Issuance of Research Expense Cards)

  • Research expense cards shall be issued to the principal investigator and joint researcher(s) in research projects conducted by the University.
  • Research expense cards may be issued in varying quantities and card types depending on the size and nature of the project.
  • Details on the issuance of research expense cards shall be entered and managed in the Research Expense Card Management Register on the computer system.

Article 4 (Execution Procedures)

①     Research expense cards shall be used as designated by the supporting institutes, but company credit cards may be used as designated by the University, unless there is any special card designated.

  • The term of use for research expense cards shall be based on the standards of the supporting institutes and the University.

Article 5 (Use of Research Expense Cards)

  • In principle, research expenses shall be paid with research expense cards, except for inevitable cases such as personnel expenses, test analysis fees, and transfers between bank accounts for purchase of goods. However, any delay in the issuance of research expense cards may exempt organizations from this provision.
  • Principal investigators may not spend more than the budget for each expense item.
  • Execution of research expense cards may be restricted in terms of any business type that is not directly related to the research being conducted.
  • Users of research expense cards (i.e. the principal investigator, joint researchers, etc.) shall assume full responsibility for the use of the card for purposes other than those specified, use of the card for personal purposes, and arrears due to delayed settlements.

Article 6 (Settlement of Research Expenses)

  • In principle, the principal investigator shall request to settle the expenditure incurred on the expense cards via the computer system of the University and then shall submit documentary evidence of the use of the research expense cards immediately after using the cards.
  • Details on the use of the expense card as executed by the University shall be fully reported through regular interactions with the Computerized General Management System of National Research Expenses.

Article 7 (Loss and Disposal of Research Expense Cards)

  • If a user loses their research expense card, then he or she shall report such loss immediately to the card issuer and the University.
  • If the status of a research expense card user changes due to retirement or change of occupation, then he or she shall return the card to the relevant departments of the University without delay.
  • The University shall dispose of any research expense cards returned by card users.

Article 8 (Management Department of Research Expense Cards)

Research expense cards designated by state authorities shall be managed by the Academic Research Support Team. Company credit cards from the University shall be managed by the accounting department.

Article 9 (Rules of Application)

In regard to management of research expense card, other matters not specified in this guideline shall be mutatis mutandis covered by the relevant regulations of the supporting institute.

Supplementary Provision (April 25, 2011)

  1. (Effective Date)

This guideline shall take effect on the date of its announcement.

  1. (Interim Measures)

The management of research expense card executed before the enforcement of this guideline shall be considered as based hereon.