Organization Chart


Research Promotion Team

  • Research Planning
    • Making medium-and long-term plan of research
    • Planning research promotion
    • Managing Research Committee
  • Supporting order activity (external research funds)
  • Attracting and Supporting IBS campus research group
  • Supporting GPF
  • Selecting & Managing intramural project
  • Managing UMI
    • Supporting establishment of research center / Evaluation of research organization
    • Managing URS (research specialist)
  • Educating Research Ethics / Managing Research Ethics Committee

Research Management Team

  • Establish and manage research fund related infrastructure
    • Research security committee
  • Managing research support system
  • Managing external research funds
    • Review and approve research projects
    • Manage and change working budget
    • Calculate and balance accounts
  • Manage UNIST research projects
  • Form and manage indirect-cost projects
  • Create and manage indirect cost project
  • Manage research security and respond to inspections

Project Promotion Team

  • Management of Institution & Networking for projects
  • Project Promotion
    • Strategies of Project Promotion
    • Support for Project Promotion
  • Promotion of National R&D
  • Industrial Cooperative Projects
  • Global Project Plans