Research Notebook Introduction


Research notebook introduction

Research notebook is consisted of not only report and presentation of research products but also documentary of intellectual property


  • Research ethic: Evidential material to prove research honesty
  • Management of record: Pass down the research know-how and maintain research sustainability
  • Intellectual property right: Business secret protection by the prevention of unfair competition act.

Research notebook utilization

  • Record of research planning, process and result
  • Teach the knowledge and know-how
  • Evidence of independent research activity
  • Designate author and inventor
  • Protect research result

Legal basis

  • Research notebooks guidelines (State Science & Technology Commission instruction 19th amendment)
  • Regulation on management of National research development project (Presidential decree 22328th)
  • Instruction of Ministry of Education, Science and Technology 128th

Writing method of research notebook

1. Materials for writing: Use indelible pen such as Ballpoint pen, 2. Revise/deletion/adherence: Write name and date, 3. Blank: Draw a diagonal line on the blank

Role of research notebook in terms of Knowledge management

Research notebook (Individual Researcher -Mutual advice by knowledge share -Basis of incentive offer, Lap Leader -Early discovery of research contents and reification of solution -Prevent overlap on same experiment, Laboratory -Succession of research theme
-Definiteness of business secret)

Storage of Research notebook

  • Storage
  • – After finishing the research, return the completed research notebook
  • – Access authority: Research
  • Storage period: 30 years
  • The person in charge of Storage management
  • – In the research period: Principal Investigator
  • – After the research period: Research management team
  • – In the case of using the research notebook out of UNIST: Require research committee’s approval with