National R&D Project

National R&D Project
No. Status Ministry Announcement Manager Deadline Attachment
38 Ongoing 교육부 [2019 Post-doc Domestic Training Program/Grants for Ph.D. Students in Science & Technology]2019년도 이공분야 .. 조해영 2019.06.17
37 Ongoing 교육부 [2019 Global Ph.D. Fostering Program]2019년도 글로벌박사양성사업 시행 공고(신규 공모) 조해영 2019.05.08
36 Ongoing 교육부 [2019 Development and Supplement of NCS Learning Module]2019년 NCS학습모듈 개발 및 보완 사업 재공모 조해영 2019.04.30
35 Complete 교육부 [2019 Autonomic Operation University Research Institute Application and Guidance]2019년 자율운영 대학중점연구.. 조해영 2019.02.18
34 Complete 교육부 [2019 New Call for Fostering Next-generation Researchers(Post-Doc Domestic Training) in Humanities and Social Sciences]2.. 조해영 2019.02.25
33 Complete 교육부 2015 Daegu Science High School R&E Program/2015 대구과학고등학교 자율연구 과제 사업신청 안내 박혜란[Hye-Ran Park] 2015.02.14
32 Complete 교육부 Announcement of Applications for the 2014 Supporting Business for Civic Art Classes Program / 2014 시민인문강좌지.. Park Hye-ran 2014.06.09
31 Complete 교육부 2014 creative experience program development project team call /2014년 창의체험 프로그램 개발사업단 공모.. Park Hye-ran 2014.06.02
30 Complete 교육부 Basic Research for raising Effectiveness and improving field utilization of Steam Program(The Research Funding Opportuni.. 박혜란 2014.04.17
29 Complete 교육부 Policy research project for liberal arts-natural sciences integrated education course development(The Research Funding O.. 박혜란 2014.03.19