R&D information

R&D information
No Condition Organization Title Manager Attachment
15 Ongoing Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries 2024 Academic and Research Polar Research Promotion Program (PAP) New Project Announcement (Open Call) 정보라(Bora Jeong) | 김민주(Minjoo Kim)
14 Ongoing Ministry of Science and ICT 2024 Korea-EU Cooperation Promotion Project New Project Contest (Horizon Europe) 권도헌(Do Hun Kwon)
13 Ongoing [MSIT]과학기술정보통신부/[MOE]교육부 International Cooperation in S&T 김민주
12 Ongoing [MSIT]과학기술정보통신부/[MOE]교육부 S&T Promotion Funds 김민주
11 Ongoing [MSIT]과학기술정보통신부/[MOE]교육부 Infrastructure and Human Resources in S&T 김민주
10 Ongoing [MSIT]과학기술정보통신부/[MOE]교육부 Academic Research Capacity Enhancement 김민주
9 Ongoing [MSIT]과학기술정보통신부/[MOE]교육부 University Education Capacity Enhancement 김민주
8 Ongoing [MSIT]과학기술정보통신부/[MOE]교육부 Big Sciences 김민주
7 Ongoing [MSIT]과학기술정보통신부/[MOE]교육부 Nuclear Energy and Safety 김민주
6 Ongoing [MSIT]과학기술정보통신부/[MOE]교육부 Fundamental Technology 김민주
5 Ongoing [MSIT]과학기술정보통신부/[MOE]교육부 Basic Research 김민주
4 Ongoing UNIST Others Su-Jin Han
3 Ongoing UNIST Support Fund for Major Research Grants Su-Jin Han
2 Ongoing UNIST New Faculty Fund (start-up fund) Su-Jin Han
1 Ongoing UNIST Future-leading Specialized Fund Su-Jin Han