Task Infomation by Department

사업별 담당자 안내
Name Soo Kyung, Ryu
Department Research promotion team Position Staff
E – mail skryu@unist.ac.kr Extension number 1173
Task 1. Management of common administrative expenses [Indirect cost/PBS(Internal labor cost)]
2. Management of research performance-based incentive
3. Supporting national R & D task (collective task / SRC, ERC)
4. UMI research center and URC business operation
5. Research Ethics and Research Ethics Integrity Committee
6. Establishment / management of KPIs and preparation of statistics on research expenses
사업별 담당자 안내
Name Hye-ran Park
Department Research promotion team Position Staff
E – mail hyeran11@unist.ac.kr Extension number 1175
Task 1. Business to find excellent research ideas
2. Establishing regulation of UNIST research project
3. Management of URS(UNIST research scientist) fund
4. Supporting new faculty start up pakage
5. National R & D project (group task / major research center) support
6. Management of GPF(Global Ph.D. Fellowship) business
7. Supporting for the Samsung Human-tech thesis Award project
8. Producing and distributing "Faculty Research Profile"