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Mid-Career Researcher Program

Apr 29. 2016
person in charge Jeong-Hwa Yuk Related research area
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Goverment department MSIP Announcing institute

[Basic Research]

Mid-career Researcher Program

This program aims to enhance basic research capability through intensive support for mid-career researchers in pivotal roles across basic research areas, thereby expanding the production of excellent research outcomes and nurturing world leaders in research.

  • Funded Fields / Science and engineering
  • Funded Period / 3 years
  • Eligibility / Researchers in universities (including part-time researchers), researchers in public and private institutes
  • Budget / KRW 100~200 million (Core Research); Up to KRW 300 million (National Research Lab)
  • Program Description /
    – Core Research: Supporting individual and joint research carried out by senior researchers
    – National Research Lab: Classifying and supporting top-down and bottom-up research with high potential