National R&D Project

National R&D Project
No. Status Ministry Announcement Manager Deadline Attachment
2936 Complete 산업통상자원부[MOTIE] 2016 The 2nd creative industry professional technology development, design innovation capability enhancement project cal.. 강아란 2016.07.06
2935 Complete 산업통상자원부[MOTIE] 2016 The 2nd Industry core technology development project call/2016년도 제2차 산업핵심기술개발사업 신규.. 강아란 2016.06.17
2934 Complete 산업통상자원부[MOTIE] 2016 Excellent technique research center(ATC) project implementation plan announcement/2016년도 우수기술연구센.. 강아란 2016.07.11
2933 Complete 미래창조과학부[MSIP] 2016 nano fab facility application supporting business notice/2016 나노팹시설활용지원사업 공고 황지현 2016.06.15
2932 Complete 산업통상자원부[MOTIE] 2016 nuclear power industry exportation base building project call/2016년도 원전산업수출기반구축사업 신.. 강아란 2016.06.23
2931 Complete 산업통상자원부[MOTIE] 2016 energy technology acceptability Enhancing and commercialization promotion project call/2016년 에너지기술 수.. 강아란 2016.07.26
2930 Complete 산업통상자원부[MOTIE] 2016 new business creation supporting project call/2016년 기술수요 기반 신사업 창출지원사업 선정계획.. 강아란 2016.06.30
2929 Complete 미래창조과학부[MSIP] 2016 3D printing customized consulting supporting business notice/2016년 3D프린팅 맞춤형 컨설팅 지원 사업 .. 황지현 2016.07.04
2928 Complete 교육부[MOE] Education ODA international conference operation institution contest/제3회 교육 ODA 국제컨퍼런스 추진기관 .. 황지현 2016.06.16
2927 Complete 한국연구재단[NRF] WE-UP business application announcement/WE-UP 사업 신청 안내 황지현 2016.07.05