National R&D Project

National R&D Project
No. Status Ministry Announcement Manager Deadline Attachment
2495 Complete 미래창조과학부[MSIP] Climate change correspond technology development project Re-announcement / 2014년 기후변화대응 기술개발사업.. 황지현[Ji-Hyun Hwang] 2014.11.10
2494 Complete 미래창조과학부[MSIP] 2014 EU R&D cooperation project call / 2014년도 EU 연구개발 협력사업 신규과제 공고 황지현[Ji-Hyun Hwang] 2014.12.01
2493 Complete 미래창조과학부[MSIP] 2014 Bio-Medical treatment technique development research project call / 2014년도 바이오·의료기술개발사업 .. 황지현[Ji-Hyun Hwang] 2014.12.01
2492 Complete 미래창조과학부[MSIP] 2014 Next-Generation Biomass Research Project call / 2014년도 차세대바이오매스연구사업 신규과제 공.. 황지현[Ji-Hyun Hwang] 2014.11.20
2491 Complete 미래창조과학부[MSIP] 『Korea CCS 2020 project』StageⅡ announcement / Korea CCS 2020 사업 2단계 신규과제 수시공모 황지현[Ji-Hyun Hwang] 2014.11.20
2490 Complete 산업통상자원부[MOTIE] 2014 Global professional technology development project call (Competitiveness Improvement of State-of-the-art research e.. 손수연[Son Soo Youn] 2014.11.28
2489 Complete 산업통상자원부[MOTIE] 2015 Aerospace component technical development project demand survey call / 2015년도 항공우주부품기술개발사.. 손수연[Son Soo Youn] 2014.12.15
2488 Complete 산업통장자원부[MOTIE] 2014 The 3rd Engineering fee project call / 2014년도 제3차 기술료사업 신규지원 대상과제 공고 손수연[Son Soo Youn] 2014.11.24
2487 Complete 교육부[MOE] MOE[Ministry of Education] policy research project call / 정책연구과제 연구기관 공모 황지현[Ji-Hyun Hwang] 2014.11.11
2486 Complete 교육부[MOE] 2014 MOE[Ministry of Education] 6th policy research project call / 2014년 교육부 6차 수시지원 정책연구과.. 황지현[Ji-Hyun Hwang] 2014.11.04
2485 Complete Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning 2014 Announcement of nuclear research projects Hwang Seong-eun 2014.11.20
2484 Complete 국립재난안전연구원 2014 National Disaster Management Institute research project demand survey / 2015년도 국립재난안전연구원 연.. 황지현[Ji-Hyun Hwang] 2014.11.14
2483 Complete Samsung Fostering Samsung Future Technology Project 2015 Do Hun Kwon 2014.12.19
2482 Complete 미래창조과학부[MSIP] 2014 MOE[Ministry of Education] 6th policy research project call / 2014년 교육부 6차 수시지원 정책연구과.. 황지현[Ji-Hyun Hwang] 2014.10.26
2481 Complete Ministry of National Defense ADD, Defense Advanced R&D Inst. accepts application for PM Do Hun Kwon 2014.10.21
2480 Complete 한국연구재단[NRF] 2014 Nuclear energy research planning evaluation business consignment project call / 2014년도 원자력연구기획평.. 황지현[Ji-Hyun Hwang] 2014.10.20
2479 Complete 미래창조과학부[MSIP] 2014 A basic research laboratory supporting project call (the second half) / 2014년도 기초연구실지원사업 하.. 황지현[Ji-Hyun Hwang] 2014.11.12
2478 Complete 미래창조과학부[MSIP] 2014 Korea-New Zealand joint research project call / 2014년도 한-뉴질랜드 공동연구사업 신규과제 공모 황지현[Ji-Hyun Hwang] 2014.11.21
2477 Complete 산업통상자원부[MOTIE] 2014 Energy Information and Policy Support ( Energy Resource Technology Field) Project Call / 에너지정보화 및 정.. 손수연[Son Soo Youn] 2014.11.12
2476 Complete 산업통상자원부[MOTIE] 2014 The 6th industry core technology development project call / 제6차 산업핵심기술개발사업 신규지원 대.. 손수연[Son Soo Youn] 2014.11.10