National R&D Project

National R&D Project
No. Status Ministry Announcement Manager Deadline Attachment
2587 Complete 미래창조과학부(MSIP) 2015 Bio-Medical treatment technique development research project call / 2015년도 바이오의료기술개발사업 .. 황지현(Ji-Hyun Hwang) 2015.04.29
2586 Complete 미래창조과학부[MSIP] 2105 Global Research Lab(GRL) project call / 2015년도 글로벌연구실사업 신규 과제 공모 황지현[Ji-Hyun Hwang] 2015.04.22
2585 Complete 미래창조과학부[MSIP] MSIP Venture business supporting K Global project call / 미래창조과학부 창업 벤처지원 K Global 프로젝.. 황지현[Ji-Hyun Hwang] 2015.04.30
2584 Complete 산업통상자원부[MOTIE] 2016 Industrial technology medium-and long-term R&D project integration technology demand survey call / 2016년도 .. 손수연[Soo Youn-Son] 2015.05.18
2583 Complete Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning 2015 Atomic energy policy planning project Seong-eun Hwang 2015.04.12
2582 Complete Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning 2015 Atomic energy research project Seong-eun Hwang 2015.04.30
2581 Complete Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning 2015 Radiation research project Seong-eun Hwang 2015.05.06
2580 Complete MOE 2015 Undergraduate Research Program(URP) Notice/ 2015년도 학부생 연구프로그램 지원사업 공고 Hye-ran Park 2015.04.30
2579 Complete 정보통신응용연구회 Korea government departments Giga KOREA projects workshop notification / 범부처 Giga KOREA 사업 기술워크샵 .. 황지현[Ji-Hyun Hwang] 2015.04.08
2578 Complete 산업통상자원부[MOTIE] 2015 (The 2nd) Industry core technology development project call / 2015년도 제 2차 산업핵심기술개발사업 .. 손수연[Soo Youn-Son] 2015.05.07
2577 Complete 국방기술품질원DTAQ(Defense Agency Technology and Quality) 2015 National Defense core technology development project call / 2015년 국방 핵심기술 공모 황지현(Ji-Hyun Hwang) 2015.04.30
2576 Complete 미래창조과학부(MSIP) 2015 MSIP Network(SDN/NFV area) technique workshop notification / a2015년 미래부 네트워크(SDN_NFV분야) 기술.. 황지현[Ji-Hyun Hwang] 2015.04.03
2575 Complete 산업통상자원부[MOTIE] 2015 Post genome several department dielectric business project call / 포스트게놈다부처유전체사업 신규지.. 손수연[Soo Youn-Son] 2015.04.28
2574 Complete 산업통상자원부[MOTIE] 2015 National standard technical skill improvement project call / 2015년도 국가표준기술력향상사업 신규지.. 손수연[Soo Youn-Son] 2015.04.27
2573 Complete 미래창조과학부(MSIP) Demand survey announcement for creating future promising field / 미래유망분야 발굴을 위한 ‘개방형 .. 황지현[Ji-Hyun Hwang] 2015.06.30
2572 Complete Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning 2015 Atomic energy policy project Seong Eun Hwang 2015.04.24
2571 Complete MOE/교육부 2015 Education donation program development Agency open call/2015년 교육기부프로그램 개발 사업단 공모 .. Hye-Ran Park 2015.04.13
2570 Complete 산업통상자원부[MOTIE] 2015 Green industry rechargeable battery technology development project call / 2015년도 녹색산업선도형이차전.. 손수연[Soo Youn-Son] 2015.05.06
2569 Complete 산업통상자원부[MOTIE] 2015 Megaregional strong point organization support project call (1st) / 2015년도 광역경제권거점기관지원사.. 손수연[Soo Youn-Son] 2015.04.14
2568 Complete 산업통상자원부[MOTIE] 2015 New growth engine equipment competitiveness reinforcement business demand survey / 2015년도 신성장동력장비.. 손수연[Soo Youn-Son] 2015.04.15