National R&D Project

National R&D Project
No. Status Ministry Announcement Manager Deadline Attachment
5 Ongoing 산업부 [Announcement of New Call for Material Parts Industrial Future Growth Engine]2019년도 제3차 소재부품산업미래.. 2019.07.16
4 Ongoing 산업부 [Announcement of Material Part Technology Development Program]2019년도 소재부품기술개발사업 신규지원 대.. 정서혜 2019.07.16
3 Ongoing 산업부 [New Call for Industrial Core Technology Development Program]2019년도 제2차 산업핵심기술개발사업 신규지.. 정서혜 2019.07.03
2 Ongoing 산업부 [2019 New Call for Design Innovative Capacity Improvement Project]2019년도 디자인혁신역량강화사업 제2차 .. 정서혜 2019.06.21
1 Ongoing 산업부 [2019 New Call for High Value-Added Artificial Graphite Material Technology Development Program]2019년도 탄소산업.. 정서혜 2019.06.21