Industry & etc

Industry & etc
No. Status Ministry Announcement Manager Deadline Attachment
86 Complete [2018, 2019 Project Suggestion for Transportation Research]2018, 2019년 교통부문 연구수행을 위한 과제제.. 조채빈 2018.08.20
85 Complete 기타기관 [Announcement of 2018 New Support for Woman Science and Technology R&D Returner Business]2018년도 「여성과학.. 최민홍, 김민주 2018.08.07
84 Complete [2018 Announcement of New Support for Polar Academic Program]2018년 학·연 극지연구 진흥프로그램(PAP) 신.. 조채빈 2018.08.20
83 Complete 보건복지부 [2018 Announcement of Rehabilitation Robot Intermediary Research Service]2018년도 재활로봇중개연구용역 공.. 조채빈, 김민주 2018.07.23
82 Complete [Announcement of Academic Information Service Future Strategy and Service Model Development Research Project supported b.. 조채빈, 김민주 2018.07.23
81 Complete 한국교육학술정보원 [Bidding Reannouncement for 5th Performance Analysis of Educational Informatization and 6th Establishment of Vision Syst.. 조채빈, 김민주 2018.05.28
80 Complete 기술보증기금 [Construction of a System for Updating Technology Assessment Model]기술가치평가모형 최신화를 위한 체계 .. 조채빈, 김민주 2018.05.10
79 Complete 기술보증기금 [Renovation of technology rating grade model system corresponding to 4th industrial revolution era]4차 산업혁명시.. 조채빈, 김민주 2018.06.07
78 Complete 극지연구소 [2018 Announcement of New Support for Academic-Industrial Polar Research Promotion Program]2018년 학ㆍ연 극지연.. 조채빈, 김민주 2018.05.22
77 Complete 정부출연기관[Government-funded research institute] [KOTI Demand Survey of Fusion Research Business]한국교통연구원 융합연구사업 수요조사 강아란 2017.11.30
76 Complete 비영리재단 [25th Call for Environmental Safety Research Expenses Support from Doosan Yonkang Foundation]제25회 두산연강재단.. 최민홍 2017.10.27
75 Complete 현대자동차 [Research Call for Future Production Technology from Production and Development Department of Hyundai Motors Group]현.. 정서혜 2017.10.15
74 Complete 정부출연기관[Government-funded research institute] KHNP K-Cloud Research Project Re-Notice/한수원 K-Cloud 연구과제 수행기관 재공모 강아란 2017.09.22
73 Complete 정부출연기관[Government-funded research institute] KHNP K-Cloud Research Project Notice/한수원 K-Cloud 연구과제 수행기관 공모 강아란 2017.08.30
72 Complete 정부출연기관[Government-funded research institute] 2017 Polar Academic Program Notice / 2017년도 학·연 극지연구진흥프로그램 신규과제 공고 강아란 2017.07.17
71 Complete 비영리기관 2017 Asan Foundation Academic Research Support Notice 2017년도 아산재단 「학술연구지원사업」 안내 최민홍 2017.06.23
70 Complete Lockheed Martin [완료]Abstract Submission of Lockheed Martin (RoKST&R) in 2017 손인혁 2017.05.31
69 Complete 산업체 2017 아모레퍼시픽 기술연구원 과제공모 안내 2017.04.14
68 Complete 아산사회복지재단 2017년도 아산재단 학술연구지원사업 안내 남재우 2017.02.28
67 Complete KARI 2017 Korea Aerospace Research Institute research project call/ 2017년 한국항공우주연구원 위탁연구과제 .. 이효정 1970.01.01