Industry & etc

Industry & etc
No. Status Ministry Announcement Manager Deadline Attachment
5 Complete 보건복지부[MOHW] 2016 Health and medical treatment research development business/2016년도 제4차 보건의료연구개발사업 기획.. 심규진 2016.07.18
4 Complete 보건복지부[MOHW] Nuclear energy·radiation safety field system improvement proposal contest/원자력·방사선 안전 분야 제도개.. 심규진 2016.07.08
3 Complete 보건복지부[MOHW] 2016 Health medical technology research development project call/2016년도 보건의료기술연구개발사업(의료.. 심규진 2016.07.01
2 Complete 보건복지부[MOHW] High tech medical treatment multiple complex research development supporting business notice/첨단의료복합단지 .. 심규진 2016.05.17
1 Complete 보건복지부[MOHW] 2016 Hand hygiene research on the actual condition for Infectious disease prevention Private current subsidies business .. 심규진 2016.04.10