Announcement of New R&D Project

Announcement of New R&D Project
No. Status Ministry Announcement Manager Deadline Attachment
2611 Complete 미래창조과학부(MSIP) 2015 Information and communications technique development and Giga KOREA project call / 2015년도 정보통신․방.. 황지현(Ji-Hyun Hwang) 2015.05.21
2610 Complete 미래창조과학부[MSIP] [Center for Integrated Smart Sensors] 2015 New research project call and research professor recruitment / [스마트IT.. 황지현[Ji-Hyun Hwang] 2015.05.29
2609 Complete 미래창조과학부(MSIP) 2015 Research result commercialization supporting project call / 2015년도 『연구성과사업화지원사업』 .. 황지현[Ji-Hyun Hwang] 2015.05.08
2608 Complete 교육부[MOE] 2015 Social sciences research supporting project(short term project) call / 2015년도 사회과학연구지원사업.. 황지현[Ji-Hyun Hwang] 2015.05.13
2607 Complete 교육부[MOE] (Humanities and social science) 2015 Foundation research supporting project call / 2015년도 토대연구지원사업.. 황지현[Ji-Hyun Hwang] 2015.05.27
2606 Complete 교육부[MOE] (Humanities and social science) 2015 University centered research laboratory supporting project call / 2015년 인문.. 황지현[Ji-Hyun Hwang] 2015.05.27
2605 Complete 교육부[MOE] (Humanities and social science) 2015 Interdisciplinary fusion research supporting project call / 2015년 인문사회.. 황지현[Ji-Hyun Hwang] 2015.05.27
2604 Complete 교육부[MOE] (Humanities and social science) 2015 General joint research supporting program call / 2015년 인문사회분야 일반.. 황지현[Ji-Hyun Hwang] 2015.07.08
2603 Complete 미래창조과학부(MSIP) 2015 Korea-EU R&D Fair(Research project information session and NCP workshop) / 2015년도 한-EU R&D Fair(.. 황지현(Ji-Hyun Hwang) 2015.04.26
2602 Complete 산업통상자원부[MOTIE] 2015 Energy joint international R&D project call / 2015년도 에너지국제공동연구사업 신규지원 대상.. 손수연[Soo Youn-Son] 2015.04.22