Announcement of New R&D Project

Announcement of New R&D Project
No. Status Ministry Announcement Manager Deadline Attachment
9 Complete 특허청[KIPO] 2016 Extinction patent application strategy supporting business/「2016년도 하반기 소멸특허 활용 전략 지.. 심규진 2016.06.27
8 Complete 특허청[KIPO] 2016 Government R&D patent design supporting business cooperation institution recruiting/[특허설계] 2016년 정.. 심규진 2016.06.27
7 Complete 특허청[KIPO] 2016 government office retention patent diagnosis supporting business notice/2016년 공공기관 보유특허 진단 .. 심규진 2016.07.15
6 Complete 특허청[KIPO] 2016 Intellectual property rights linkage R&D strategy supporting business/「2016년도 하반기 지재권 연계.. 심규진 2016.06.20
5 Complete 특허청[KIPO] 2016 IP-R&D strategy supporting business implementation plan notice/2016년도 IP-R&D 전략지원 사업 하.. 심규진 2016.07.04
4 Complete 특허청[KIPO] IP strategy supporting business task cooperation institution recruiting notice/2015년 R&D 전 주기 IP전략지.. 심규진 2016.05.30
3 Complete 특허청[KIPO] Cooperation institution recruiting notice/상반기 3차 재공고 협력기관 모집 공고 심규진 2016.04.28
2 Complete 특허청[KIPO] 2016 IP-R&D Strategy supporting business implementation plan notice(Root Industry IP-R&D Strategy supporting)/20.. 심규진 2016.04.04
1 Complete 특허청[KIPO] 2016 IP-R&D Strategy support project performence Partner institutions recruitment notice/2016년도 IP-R&D 전.. 심규진[Gyu Jin Shim] 2016.03.25