Announcement of New R&D Project

Announcement of New R&D Project
No. Status Ministry Announcement Manager Deadline Attachment
7 Complete 해양수산부[MOF] 2016 Offshore sea new technology certification pilot business notice/2016년 해양수산 신기술 인증 시범사업 .. 심규진 2016.07.08
6 Complete 해양수산부[MOF] 2016 Polar research institute commissioned research task selection plan notice/2016년 극지연구소 신규 위탁연.. 심규진 2016.06.16
5 Complete 해양수산부[MOF] 2016 Future marine resource technology development business selection plan notice/2016년도 미래해양자원기술개.. 심규진 2016.05.20
4 Complete 해양수산부[MOF] 2016 Shipping logistics enterprise overseas market advance validity survey supporting business recruiting notice/2016년.. 심규진 2016.04.15
3 Complete 해양수산부[MOF] 2016 Offshore safety and offshore traffic infrastructure technology development project new task selection plan notice/2.. 심규진[Gyu Jin Shim] 2016.04.18
2 Complete 해양수산부[MOF] 2017 Eco-friendly cultivating fishery development project contest plan notice/2017년도 친환경양식어업육성사.. 심규진[Gyu Jin Shim] 2016.04.29
1 Complete 해양수산부[MOF] 2016 Sea food Industry technology development project new task selection plan notice/2016년도 수산식품산업기술.. 심규진[Gyu Jin Shim] 2016.04.18