Mathematical Imaging Analysis Lab


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I am mostly interested in mathematical understanding of image data, especially medical and biomedical image data. The research projects that I either had finished or am still pursuing include

1. Image denoising/deblurring/segmentation problems,
2. A.I. research for image processing tasks using Reservoir Computing Networks in Neuromorphic Computing
3. Generalized eigenvalue problems and their numerical computations,
4. Medical/biomedical image reconstruction problems,
5. Variants of the Allen-Cahn equation in connection with (volume preserving) mean curvature motion.

Major research field

Image Processing, Inverse Problems, Optimization, Eigenvalue Problems, Phase Field Methods

Desired field of research

Reservoir Computing Networks, Deep Neural Networks

Research Keywords and Topics

Image Processing,
Inverse Problems,
Compressed Sensing,
Eigenvalue Problems,
Medical/Biomedical Imaging

Research Publications

* IEEE Access, Boosting Algorithm to handle Unbalanced Classification of PM2.5 Concentration Levels by Observing Meteorological Parameters in Jakarta-Indonesia using AdaBoost, XGBoost, CatBoost, and LightGBM, T. Toharudin, R.E. Caraka, I.R. Pratiwi, Y. Kim, P.U. Gio, A.D. Sakti, M. Noh, F.A.L. Nugraha, R.S. Pontoh, T.H. Putri, T.S. Azzahra, J.J. Cerelia, G. Darmawan, B. Pardamean, 2023/04,
* Pattern recognition, Two-stage adaptive random Fourier sampling method for image reconstruction, J. Yun, Y. Kim, 2021/09,
* Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation, Novel mass-conserving Allen-Cahn equation for the boundedness of an order parameter, D. Lee, Y. Kim, 2020/06,


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