Frontier, Innovative Nanomaterials and Devices (FIND) Laboratory

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FIND 실험실에서는 원자 단위의 제어가능한 나노 신소재 설계 및 합성법 개발을 통해 소재의 신물성을 구현하고 이에 기반한 전자, 에너지, 및 환경 분야 응용연구를 선도하고자 한다.
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“Semiconductor Epitaxy, van der Waals Epitaxy, Functional Nanocoating, Phase Change Memory Materials, 0D/1D/2D Functional Nanomaterials” for Potential Applications in Flexible Optoelectronics, Photovoltaics, and Environmental & Energy Devices
· Novel Synthesis and Applications of One-, Two-Dimensional van der Waals Atomic Crystals beyond Graphene, and Hybrid Systems with MOVPE-grown III-V & II-VI Compound Semiconductors for Flexible Optoelectronics, Photovoltaics, and Environmental & Energy Devices
· Low Temperature Engineering with Graphene and Related Low-Dimensional Nanomaterials for Multi-Functional Coatings and Interfaces in a Number of Graphene-Enhanced Products (e.g., Coating for hetero-epitaxy, for oxidation/corrosion/diffusion/gas barriers, for bio-scaffolds, for membranes etc.)
· Advanced III-V & II-VI Epitaxy (with reduced dimensionalities) on Si via Metal-Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) for Advanced Optoelectronics/Photovoltaics and Flexible RBG & White Light Emitters

Major research field

Epitaxy, Nanocoating, Thin Film Technology & Surface/Interface Science

Desired field of research

Research Keywords and Topics

• 화합물 반도체 / 광전자 재료 · 소자 / 금속 유기 화학 기상 증착 (MOCVD)
Compound Semiconductors / Optoelectronic Materials·Devices / Metal-Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD)
• 0D / 1D / 2D van der Waals (단일 / 미소 원자 층) 금속 · 반도체 · 절연체
0D / 1D / 2D van der Waals (single/few-atomic-layer) Metals·Semiconductors·Insulators
• 상 변화 기억 재료, (유연) 전극 재료
Phase Change Memory Materials, (Flexible) Electrode Materials

Research Publications

• NATURE ELECTRONICS / Wafer-scale production of patterned transition metal ditelluride layers for two-dimensional metal-semiconductor contacts at the Schottky-Mott limit / Song, Seunguk; Sim, Yeoseon; Kim, Se-Yang; Hwa, Jung; Oh, Inseon; Na, Woongki; Lee, Do Hee; Wang, Jaewon; Yan, Shili; Liu, Yinan; Kwak, Jinsung; Chen, Jian-Hao; Cheong, Hyeonsik; Yoo, Jung-Woo; Lee, Zonghoon; Kwon, Soon-Yong / 2020-04
• ADVANCED MATERIALS / Recent Developments in Controlled Vapor‐Phase Growth of 2D Group 6 Transition Metal Dichalcogenides / Kim, Se-Yang; Kwak, Jinsung; Ciobanu, Cristian V.; Kwon, Soon-Yong / 2019-05
• ADVANCED MATERIALS / Single-Crystalline Nanobelts Composed of Transition Metal Ditellurides / Kwak, Jinsung; Jo, Yongsu; Song, Seunguk; Kim, Jung Hwa; Kim, Kangwon; Lee, Gun-Do; Yoo, Jung-Woo; Kim, Sung Youb; Kong, Young-Min; Lee, Gwan-Hyoung; Lee, Wan-Gyu; Park, Jucheol; Xu, Xiaodong; Cheong, Hyeonsik; Yoon, Euijoon; Lee, Zongho


• Method for manufacturing graphene, transparent electrode and active layer comprising the same, and display, electronic device, optoelectronic device, battery, solar cell, and dye-sensitized solar cell including the electrode and the active layer / 권순용,곽진성,윤의준,박기복/2015-09


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