Metal Oxide DEsign Laboratory (MODEL)

금속산화물 디자인 연구실

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금속산화물 디자인 연구실

Our group is interested in metal oxide syntheses and applications. Metal oxides are abundant in nature and exhibit high chemical and thermal stabilities because we are always exposed to oxygen. The feature, high stability, is one of the most important requirements in a wide range of technology areas. In addition, the metal elements are able to form a large diversity of oxides. Furthermore, properties of oxides can be tailored by controlling their growth. Our research goal is to create unprecedentedly useful metal oxides and related materials such as metal hydroxides in various technological fields by studying in depth crystal growth.

Major research field

Metal (hydr)oxides, syntheses, crystal growth, applications

Desired field of research

Photocatalysts, electrocatalysts, hydrogen generation, solar fuels

Research Keywords and Topics

Metal oxides, metal hydroxides, synthesis, crystal growth, growth mechanisms, applications, precursor, catalysis

Research Publications

· Nano Letters / High-performance electrochemical and photoelectrochemical water splitting at neutral pH by Ir nanocluster-anchored CoFe layered double hydroxide nanosheets / Je Min Yu, Jaejung Song, Young Kyeong Kim, Jiyeon Oh, Kwang Young Kim, Woo Yeong Noh, Woo Jin Byun, Jin Uk Lee, Changduk Yang*, Ji-Wook Jang*, Jae Sung Lee* and Seungho Cho* / 2023
· Advanced Functional Materials / Selective, stable, bias-free, and efficient solar hydrogen peroxide production on inorganic layered materials / Jaejung Song, Je Min Yu, Jang Hyuk Ahn, Hyeonjin Cho, Jiyeon Oh, Yoon Seo Kim, Jieun Kim, Myohwa Ko, Seong-hun Lee, Tae Joo Shin, Hu Young Jeong*, Changduk Yang*, Jun Hee Lee*, Ji-Wook Jang*, and Seungho Cho* / 2022


· Complex of mixed metal oxide-quantum dots and light-emitting devices using it, Sungjee Kim, Sungwook Jung, Seungho Cho, Sanghwa Jeong, Jiwon Bang, Joonhyuck Park, and Youngrong Park , 2012
· Synthesis of quantum dot-polymer-layered structure ceramic composites, Sungjee Kim, Seungho Cho, Jungheon Kwag, and Sanghwa Jeong, 2015


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