Safe Artificial Intelligence

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Our research is focused on addressing the interconnected challenges of privacy, fairness, and security to promote the safe use of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms in real-world systems. Our goal is to develop innovative solutions that enable privacy-preserving, fairness-aware, and security-enhanced machine learning. To achieve this goal, we are pursuing two key problem thrusts:
(i) We are developing comprehensive approaches for reliable AI while considering security and privacy threats.
(ii) We are addressing the need for realistic threat models and evaluation for security-aware algorithms.
We are committed to advancing the field of artificial intelligence in a responsible and ethical manner. We believe that these three pillars are critical for building AI systems that are safe and beneficial for individuals, industry, and society.

Major research field

Security-enhanced Machine Learning, Privacy-preserving Machine Learning, Fairness-aware Machine Learning

Desired field of research

Privacy evaluation for synthetic data, Practical attack models for artificial intelligence

Research Keywords and Topics

Safe Artificial Intelligence
- Security-enhanced Machine Learning
- Privacy-preserving Machine Learning
- Fairness-aware Machine Learning

Research Publications

Saerom Park, Sungmin Kim* and Yeon-sup Lim, “Fairness Audit of Machine Learning Models with Confidential Computing”, The ACM Web Conference (WWW) 2022, Apr. 25-29, 2022
Saerom Park and Jaewook Lee*. “Stability Analysis of Denoising Autoencoder based on Dynamical Projection System”, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge Data Engineering, Aug. 2021
Sungyoon Lee, Jaewook Lee and Saerom Park*, “Lipschitz-Certifiable Training with a Tight Outer Bound”, 34th Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS 2020), Dec. 7-12, 2020